Looking for a Great Suit for Under $1,000? Try These 9 Stores

Dark blue, small checkered formal men's suit

Dark blue, small checkered formal men’s suit | iStock.com/fotobyjuliet

When shopping for suiting and other menswear staples, it’s common knowledge that the more you can afford to spend, the better. Not only is a suit that is constructed of high-quality material and cut in a flattering style expensive, but getting a perfect fit almost always requires that you take said suit to your tailor, and spend at least a few extra dollars getting the jacket or the trousers to look like they were made for you.

But sometimes you just don’t have a whole paycheck or a month’s worth of rent to spend on a great suit, and are looking for a more affordable option. What constitutes as “budget-friendly” is a personal decision, one that requires a close look at your finances and priorities. But when you’re looking for a great suit, you’re making an investment. And for most guys, finding a great suit for under $1,000 is a pretty good deal, even if it requires a much bigger commitment than purchasing a sweater or a pair of chinos.

Exactly what kind of suit you’ll need varies based on factors like the occasion, your style, body type, and the season. So instead of suggesting specific suits, we’ll point you in the direction of some staple stores you should check out when you need a great suit that costs less than $1,000.

1. AMI

Button and eyelet of a high quality pinstriped jacket

Button and eyelet of a high quality pinstriped jacket | iStock.com/ ClaudioVentrella

AMI is a French label with a reputation for dark, unstructured suiting. AMI is a great place to look if your ideal suit has a European, rather than American vibe, and communicates a bit of the model-off-duty sensibility.

2. Bonobos

Man wearing a stylish suit with a pop of color

Man wearing a stylish suit with a pop of color | iStock.com

If you favor modern cuts, you should check out the range of suiting offered by Bonobos. The brand’s suits are offered in both slim and standard cuts. You’ll have your pick of fibers and fabrics suited for different seasons and occasions. For an all purpose suit, go with a classic like navy or gray. However, slightly more unusual colorways and textures, like marled tweeds, brown herringbones, and bright navy are also available.

3. Brooks Brothers

Traditional suit with red tie

Traditional suit with red tie | iStock.com

Brooks Brothers is an all-American classic, and a perennial favorite among devotees of traditional menswear. While you can spend a lot of money on a Brooks Brothers suit, there are some easy ways to get a suit for less than $1,000 at the retailer. For starters, check out the Red Fleece line, which offers entry-level options in contemporary cuts and at lower price points.

4. GANT Rugger

Man wearing a well-fitted suit

Man wearing a well-fitted suit | iStock.com

The GANT Rugger collection is perfect if you favor a collegiate, Ivy League look. The collection generally features a number of different suits in classic materials, from corduroy to Donegal wool to hopsack, and you can easily find a suit in a versatile color that will pair easily with all of the classic clothes that are already in your wardrobe.

5. The Kooples

Very stylish man wearing a tuxedo

Very stylish man wearing a tuxedo | iStock.com

The Kooples is a French brand that’s an excellent destination for slim-cut suits, either in versatile neutrals or in statement colors or patterns. You should consider a suit from The Kooples if you like a contemporary look, and if you’re looking for a three-piece suit, which are generally abundant in the brand’s seasonal collections.

6. J. Crew

Man in a traditional grey suit

Man in a traditional grey suit | iStock.com

J. Crew is a staple for suit-wearing guys — those who need a jacket and tie for their 9 to 5 or those who need to dress up for a friend’s wedding — and for good reason. J. Crew offers a number of different fits, and its wide-reaching network of stores means that you can easily find one close to you to figure out what fits best. You can also take advantage of the retailer’s frequent sales to get a great deal on your suit, whether it’s one you plan to wear multiple times a week or one you need for a formal party or a close friend’s wedding.

7. Reiss

A man with a well-fitting suit and pocket square

A man with a well-fitting suit and pocket square | iStock.com

Reiss is a British retailer that’s known as a great place to shop for a budget-friendly suit — especially if you’re partial to double-breasted jackets or three-piece suits — which are often difficult to find on a budget. Reiss’s suiting lineup includes classic colors and luxurious textures, and you can choose a suit that will blend in and offer a versatile canvas for colorful shirts and ties, or stand out with a memorable but classic texture or pattern.

8. Sandro

Button-ups in a range of colors

Button-ups in a range of colors | iStock.com

Sandro is a French label that should be your go-to if you favor simple lines and clean silhouettes instead of complex detailing and textured fabrics. Options range from two-button jackets to double-breasted blazers, offered mostly in dark colors but also in the occasional gray or statement-making blue.

9. Suit Supply

Suit with tape measurer around it

Suit with tape measurer around it | iStock.com

Suit Supply is the go-to source for the American menswear-devotee-on-a-budget, and its reputation for quality materials, great construction, and flattering cuts is well-deserved. At Suit Supply, you can find a wide array of different suits, and you can also get quick access to a tailor, who will make your suit look like it was made just for you. In fact, Suit Supply’s in-house tailoring service offers alterations at prices that many other tailors will struggle to match, and the store will even tackle tasks like narrowing a jacket’s shoulders, which some tailors will decline to attempt.