5 Low-Maintenance Hair Cuts Men Will Love

No one wants to spend hours fixing their hair each morning. A man’s hair should be easy and carefree, which is why we’ve selected some of the best low-maintenance hair cuts for you to try. Because after all, who doesn’t want to keep things as simple as possible?

1. The Beckham

David Beckham

David Beckham | JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

This is one of our favorite and most stylish low-maintenance cuts made famous by our favorite soccer star and fashion icon, David Beckham. This is a classic, businessman sort of cut that’s shorter on the sides and more voluminous on the top, similar to a pompadour. Keep the hair about an inch long on the sides and back, but as you gradually move up the sides of your head, your hair should also gradually get a little longer, while the hair on the top of your head should be several inches long at your discretion — long enough to push and style back.

When styling your hair, apply your favorite product by using a dime size amount, flatten the sides of your head with the product in hand, pushing the hair backwards. As for the top of your head, with the product, move it slightly upwards, back and then slightly to the side. Allow to air dry. This low-maintenance ‘do looks great on practically any man and is suitable for all different hair types.

2. The long buzz cut

a man combing his hair

A buzz cut | iStock.com

For the man who is on the cusp of deciding whether he should take the full leap and shave it all off, we introduce you to the just-as-low-maintenance style — the long buzz cut. This cut (with the added option of a beard, kept on the shorter side and neatly trimmed) is great for any many who wants that even keel between low-maintenance and masculine. To achieve this, the hair is cut with a number two blade on the sides and back and cut finger length on the top. The long buzz cut doesn’t require much product but it can be styled with a little bit of paste for a more groomed appearance.

3. The shaved head

Mid adult businessman writing on clipboard in home office, bald

A man with a shaved head | iStock.com

The shaved head or the clipper head shave is the low-maintenance option for men who cannot deal with having to style their hair. This ‘do is also ideal for the man who is experiencing male pattern baldness. For this hair cut, the hair is buzzed off with a clipper on the closet setting, and it’s easy to do at home without visiting a barber, although it’s always advised to have a professional work their magic (P.S. You don’t need to use a razor or shaving cream either). To balance out your bare dome, combine your look by growing a little facial hair to shift the focus from your head to your face. During the summer, make sure you apply sunscreen to your precious dome because you’re more susceptible to sunburn up there.

4. Shaggy and loving it

curly hair, park, happy

A man with a shaggy hair cut | iStock.com

If you’re a man with an incredible head of thick hair, then leaving your hair on the longer side and loose is a ‘do that you should really take advantage of. Despite the fact that you have a lot of hair, letting loose is actually a pretty low-maintenance option, plus you get to look like a rock star. Ideal for the man with straight, medium, or thick hair, have it cut in layers for a slightly unkempt, bedhead feel. To style your shaggy mane, simply apply a product of your choice to damp hair and shake. Tousle it a little throughout the day to keep up your look. If it ever happens to get in the way, simply throw it back in a man bun, because, why not? Hey, if it’s good enough for Jared Leto, then it’s good enough for you.

5. The Caesar

buzz cut

The Caesar | iStock.com

This style has been popular for quite some time but has gone in and out of style. Made popular by the Roman Dictator Julius Caesar, it is perfect for the low-maintenance man who desires to rule an empire. It’s a short crop with the hair cut evenly on the sides and the top with the hair pushed forward on top, or it can be left alone. Ideal for the man with straight to wavy hair or fine to thick hair. Styling wise, use a lighter style aid like Aveda Humectant Pomade to keep your cut looking clean.