8 Luxe Fall Sunglasses Under $50

Sunglasses may not be at the top of your shopping list when it comes to fall accessories, especially because most of us think of sunglasses as an essential only in the hottest months of the year. But they rank right up there with cozy scarves and chic hats as practical ways to add style to your cold-weather outfits. Sunglasses are useful whether you’re driving to the office (and need to keep the sun out of your eyes) or commuting via the subway (and wear sunglasses to avoid making eye contact early in the morning). And adding a pair of sunglasses is the perfect way to level up your power walk when you step out for lunch or a quick coffee break.

There are numerous sunglasses styles that are perfect for fall. The sheer variety of styles available means that you can find one that’s perfect for you, whether your style tends toward all-black-everything or bright, preppy layers. No matter which style you favor, it’s probably safe to say that you wouldn’t mind finding a pair of sunglasses that won’t break the bank. (After all, your fall accessories budget may already be earmarked for scarves, gloves, and a stylish hat or two.) Fortunately, there are plenty of luxe fall sunglasses that come in under $50. Check out our favorite pairs, and see if there’s a pair that’s perfect for your fall outfits.

1. A.J. Morgan gradient sunglasses – $24

A.J. Morgan gradient sunglasses

A.J. Morgan gradient sunglasses | Nordstrom.com

A chic, but budget-friendly pair of sunglasses to love? A.J. Morgan’s retro-inspired gradient “Emma” sunglasses. This style features an of-the-moment gradient, which will make even your simplest outfits and most minimalist ensembles look particularly fashion-forward.

2. A.J. Morgan Knock sunglasses – $24

A.J. Morgan Knock sunglasses

A.J. Morgan Knock sunglasses | Nordstrom.com

If futuristic is more your style than retro, look no further than A.J. Morgan’s “Knock” sunglasses. The angular frames create a statement-making silhouette. And you can have your pick of a wide range of colors, including tortoise, black, crystal blue, and matte pink.

3. BP. square sunglasses – $12

BP. square sunglasses

BP. square sunglasses | Nordstrom.com

If an oversized pair of butterfly-style sunglasses is your preferred silhouette, you can’t go wrong with BP.’s square sunglasses. They feature an oversized square frame in a classic tortoise pattern, plus gradient lenses that make it a little easier to pretend that it’s still summer.

4. PERVERSE “Marley” sunglasses – $45

PERVERSE "Marley" sunglasses

PERVERSE “Marley” sunglasses | Nordstrom.com

For fans of the Clubmaster style who don’t want to shell out for a high-end pair of sunglasses, PERVERSE’s Marley sunglasses are a great choice. They feature a bold brow bar and slender half-rims, plus reflective lenses that keep the look modern.

5. PERVERSE round sunglasses – $45

PERVERSE round sunglasses

PERVERSE round sunglasses | Nordstrom.com

If you’re a fan of the tortoiseshell look, you can’t go wrong with these round sunglasses from PERVERSE. They feature a round, oversized silhouette that brings a bit of classic glamour to any look. And they also demonstrate how tortoise is a great choice if you can’t decide between black and brown.

6. Quay aviators – $50

Quay aviators

Quay aviators | Bloomingdales.com

Aviators aren’t just for summer! Try the classic style (without overspending) with Quay’s mirrored aviators. They feature a silvery look that’s perfect if you prefer to keep color at a minimum, and the aviator silhouette adds some classic appeal to even the edgiest ensemble.

7. Quay mirrored sunglasses – $50

Quay mirrored sunglasses

Quay mirrored sunglasses | Bloomingdales.com

Another trend that’s appearing on high-end sunglasses everywhere is mirrored lenses. Get the look for less with Quay’s mirrored round sunglasses. This pair features a chic tortoise frame and mirrored blue lenses for a modern look that can brighten up any fall outfit.

8. Steve Madden cat-eye sunglasses – $23

Steve Madden cat-eye sunglasses

Steve Madden cat-eye sunglasses | Nordstrom.com

The cat-eye is a classic silhouette that’s probably perfect for you if you want your sunglasses to add a touch of glamour to your outfits. Steve Madden’s oversized cat-eye sunglasses offer a bold take on the style, with a black or brown colorway and a glossy finish.