How to Make a GIF: 9 Apps That Make it Easy

Many of the tasks we use our smartphones for have a lot to do with photos and videos. We’re all about getting better results from our iPhone cameras and learning the best ways to store and enjoy all of the photos we take on our phones. Another must-know skill for the mobile photography enthusiast? Learning how to make a GIF.

The first thing to realize when you’re figuring out how to make a GIF is that the process (and the apps you use) will vary based on your source material. Do you want to make a GIF from a series of photos, from a video you’ve shot, or from a Live Photo captured on a new iPhone? Or do you want an app that will enable you to record a GIF directly? Whichever method you choose, there’s an app or two that makes it easy to create the perfect GIF to punctuate your text messages or share on your favorite social networks.

We could give you some pretty specific instructions on how to make a GIF. But we don’t think you really need those, because the process goes something like this: 1. Download a great app. 2. Hit a button or two to make a GIF, or convert an existing piece of media into a GIF. 3. Share with all your friends. We think you can handle that, especially if we point you in the direction of the best apps to try. Read on for our top picks of apps that’ll have you creating and sharing GIFs in no time.


DSCO by VSCO - how to make a GIF


DSCO is a gorgeous GIF-making app from VSCO, a favorite app of mobile photographers everywhere. The iOS-exclusive app enables you to capture, edit, and share animated GIFs. You can use your favorite presets from VSCO (plus some limited-edition presets, too), and publish your GIFs directly to your VSCO profile. Or, you can share them to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

2. Gif Me!

Gif Me! - how to make a GIF


Gif Me! is a useful Android app that enables you to easily make a GIF to share with your friends. You can capture a GIF right from the camera in the app, and then add color filters if you want to change the look. You can also create stop-motion, time lapse, or wiggle GIFs. Then, you can share your GIFs via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

3. Giffage

Giffage - how to make a GIF


If you want an app that will help you make GIFs and one that’ll help you search GIFs, all in one, Giffage may be the perfect app for you. This iOS app claims to be the world’s first “all-in-one GIF keyboard.” It enables you to find awesome GIFs by keyword or category, save the ones you like, share them with your friends, or make a GIF yourself. The app uses GIPHY’s library and all its categories, but you can also create your own category to have access to your own GIFs right from your keyboard.

4. Giffer

Giffer - how to make a GIF


Giffer claims to be the best GIF maker for iOS. The app offers lots of flexibility, and enables you to make cinemagraphs, back-and-forth looped GIFs, stop-motion GIFs, jitter/wiggle GIFs, time lapse GIFs, slideshow GIFs, and more. You can also import and edit GIFs from the web, from iTunes, or from your camera roll. That means that you can use it to make a GIF from a Live Photo, from a series of burst photos, or even from a video. Then, you can share your creations via text, email, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook.

5. GiFmojo

GiFmojo - how to make a GIF


GiFmojo is a great app if you don’t just want to make a GIF, but also want to customize it by adding or removing photos, rearrange the photo order, and alter the loop direction. This iOS app is one of the most fun if you want to get creative about building your own GIFs.  The app also makes it easy to save copies of your GIFs so that you can share them on any social network or website that you want.


GIPHY CAM app - how to make a GIF


GIPHY CAM is a great GIF-making app from one of the most popular GIF search engines. The app, available on iOS, enables you to record a looping GIF, or shoot a five-frame burst GIF. You can even add filters and take advantage of more than 40 overlays and effects. And once you’ve successfully made your GIF, you can text it to your friends, share it on Instagram, send it in Facebook Messenger, or just save it to your Camera Roll.

7. Live GIF

Live GIF - how to make a GIF


If you’re really just here looking for an app to turn your Live Photos into GIFs, check out Live GIF. This iOS app, from the team behind Priime, turns your Live Photos into GIFs that you can easily share via iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, and all your other favorite apps. You can save a Live Photo as a GIF or save it as a video, which makes it easy to put it in the perfect format, whatever the situation.

8. Motion Stills

Motion Stills - how to make a GIF


Another great choice if you want to make a GIF from one of your favorite Live Photos is Motion Stills. This iOS app is a Google creation that makes it easy to share your Live Photos as looping GIFs through your favorite messaging app. You can browse your photos to choose one to make a GIF, or you can flip through them one-by-one and watch them autoplay, enhanced with advanced stabilization. You can even create “movies” by combining your Motion Stills together.


PHHHOTO - how to make a GIF


PHHHOTO is for you if you want the process of making a GIF to be as simple as possible. The app is available on Android and iOS, and makes it easy to shoot and share GIFs all from one place. You can add filters and take advantage of different shooting modes each time you make a GIF. PHHHOTO also functions like a social network, and you can explore all of the GIFs that other users have made and shared.

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