8 Makeup Mistakes You Should Never Make When Going on a Date

While getting ready for a date, you’re likely to feel giddy, nervous, and slightly uncertain. Despite this fact, you can’t let your nerves get in the way of doing your makeup. The worst thing you can do is try too hard and go overboard with your beauty products. To make sure your date gets a chance to see the real you, go easy on the heavy makeup by avoiding these major mistakes.

1. Black lipstick

beautiful brunette woman in grunge style

Black lips are definitely not for the first date. | iStock.com/melanjurga

No matter how dark and edgy your personal style might be, it’s best to steer clear of black lipstick when going on a date. For one, there’s a high likelihood your date will be apprehensive about kissing you (out of fear of getting black smudged all over their face). If that doesn’t sound bad enough, getting black smudged on your teeth during the date could be disastrous. Dark teeth look like a scene straight out of a horror film, so it’s best to stick to nude, matte lipstick if you must wear some.

2. Extra long fake nails

long fingernail and beautiful manicure

Super long nails may scare your date. | iStock.com/Nick_Thompson

Plenty of women prefer wearing acrylic nails to painting their own — just be careful not to go too long if you have a date planned. Long claws are not only intimidating to anyone who wants to hold your hand, they’re also incredibly distracting. Whether you’re going out to dinner, bowling, mini golfing, or participating in any other fun date activity, your nails will constantly be rapping against every surface, and you’ll likely spend the entire night afraid of breaking them. Instead, do your date a favor and make sure your fake nails are reasonably short.

3. Eye shadow beyond your eyelid

sexy woman with heavy blue eyeshadow

Keep your eye shadow minimal. | iStock.com/stphillips

It’s natural to want to look your best for an upcoming date. However, there’s a fine line between getting dolled up and going a little overboard. As you apply your eye shadow, make sure not to stray too far beyond your eyelid. Let the crease of your eyelid serve as the barrier guiding where your shadow should end. Applying powder all the way up to your browbone is far too much makeup for a date.

4. Heavy foundation

Makeup products and accessories

Keep foundation light for a fresher look. | iStock.com/pogrebkov

We all want to look flawless when we go on a date, but piling on foundation isn’t the way to make your skin look airbrushed. Instead, it draws attention to blemishes by caking, cracking, and clumping on your face. Remember that your date wants to get to know the natural you, not the painted version.

5. Dramatic false eyelashes

Beautiful Eye Makeup with long false eyelashes

False eyelashes should look as natural as possible. | iStock.com/ValuaVitaly

False eyelashes always sound like a better idea than they actually are. Unless you’re an expert at applying separates, it’s wise to stay away from fake eyelash sets before a date. Accounting for the look of the glue, the fact that your real lashes can stand out beneath them, and the unfortunate drifting if the adhesive weakens, fake eyelashes are simply too great a risk when going on a date.

6. Orange fake tanner

woman with half of her face tan and the other half pale

Beware the orange hue. | iStock.com/utkamandarinka

Unless your date is taking place along the Jersey Shore, your partner is going to be shocked by bright orange skin. Fake tanner can be streaky, heavily scented, and turns your palms unnaturally orange. If your date is wearing white, you might even stain their clothes if you walk arm in arm. Believe it or not, your date would appreciate your natural skin color far more than having you covered in neon fake tanner.

7. Noticeable lip liner

make-up artist contouring lips to model

Be careful when lining your lips. | iStock.com/PavlovskiJenya

Lip liner is tricky to get right. Using one that’s darker than your lipstick — especially brown — will really wash you out and ruin the finished look of your makeup. If you like to use lip liner, cover the entire surface of your lips and match the color to your lipstick.

8. Too much eyeliner

young smiling woman with elegant makeup

Go easy on eyeliner. | iStock.com/Persians

Over-lining the rim of your eyes isn’t mysterious or dramatic; raccoon eyes are usually just frightening. Keep your black liner minimal so your date can gaze into your eyes without being taken aback by the sight of them circled in dark makeup.