These Genius Hacks for Organizing Your Makeup Will Save You Time and Money

Makeup cosmetics

Organizing your makeup can save your a morning of frustration. | Yuriy_K/iStock/Getty Images

Finding a functional way to organize your makeup can be quite the challenge. Especially since so many makeup organizers veer on the side of pricey. That said, there are ways around the high cost, clutter, and space issues we stumble across when reorganizing our vanities.

Keep reading for some of the most genius makeup organization hacks that save you money and time in your routine.

1. Magnetic eyeshadow board

Storing your eyeshadows in a drawer or container may help keep them off the counter, but it can make it hard to see your full collection. Instead of spending time digging for the first eyeshadow in the morning, add a magnet to the backs of each shadow and place them on a magnetic board.

To create the board, all you need is a picture frame and a sheet of metal that fits inside the frame. Once assembled, paint the sheet and frame to match your bedroom or vanity. Once dry, stick the magnetic eyeshadows to the board and voilá! You can even add magnetics to blush, mascara, and other makeup items you use on the regular.

2. Candle jar makeup brush holder

Makeup Brushes

A stylish option for your brushes. | lokisurina/iStock/Getty Images

Finished with your favorite candle and want to save the jar? Turn it into a makeup brush holder! To get the remaining wax out, simply place the jar in the freezer over night. Come morning, the wax should pop out with ease. Give the inside a good rinse (especially if there is any soot left over), dry, and place your brushes right side up in it.

3. Hanging shoe organizer for lipsticks and glosses

over the door closet organizer

Keep all your essentials at hand. | Amazon

If you have an extra hanging shoe organizer lying around, you may want to use it for the ultimate lipstick and gloss organization hack. Simply fill each pocket with your collection — we like to color coordinate! — hang it on the back of your bathroom door and you’re good to go!

In addition to lipsticks and glosses, you could also add mascaras, concealers, and other makeup items that fit!

4. Ice cube tray eyeshadow organizers

pink ice cube tray

Keep all of your eyeshadows separate. | EuToch/iStock/Getty Images

If you’d rather your eyeshadows go unseen — and have a large collection of single pot shadows — use ice cube trays to organize them in a shallow drawer. You can find trays at the dollar store for super cheap and spray paint them white or a fun color that matches your bathroom! Super easy and functional.

5. Cutlery organizer for drawer storage

bathroom with dividers for better organization

Use drawer organizers to keep everything in its place. | fourthreaction/iStock/Getty Images

Another genius way to organize your makeup and keep it hidden? A cutlery organizer! They fit into most shallow drawers perfectly and contain slots big enough to hold makeup brushes, tubes of mascara, concealer, and so on.

6. Letter organizer for makeup palettes

a palette of nude colored eyeshadows and colorful pigments on a wooden background

Store all of your expensive palettes where you can se them. | Bubbers13/Getty Images

Makeup palettes can be a pain to store — especially if you want to need to see what you’re working with. Instead of hiding them away in a drawer you never open, store them on top of your vanity in a letter organizer. The design of the organizer allows for easy storage and a better view of your collection.

7. Mason jars for sponges, cotton swabs, and more

Perfect for trendy storage. | iStock/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a stylish and affordable way to store your makeup sponges, cotton swabs, rounds, and other items you may need for makeup application, consider organizing them into mason jars. Not only are they affordable, they’re easy to customize, and keep your items clean with a sealable lid.

8. A cake stand nail polish holder

Nail polish colorful bottles

A cute way to display your shades | AndreaAstes/iStock/Getty Images

Nail polish can be a pain to store, especially if your collection is more than a few shades. For easier access to your shades, find a cute two-tiered cake stand and place your collection on both levels. You can even add small jars of cotton balls and manicure tools!

9. Acrylic organizers

Makeup storage

For those who want their makeup on display. | mcrosno

Acrylic organizers can be a fun, trendy way to display your makeup. That said, at full price they can be pretty expensive. If you want to organize your makeup in acrylic organizers, check stores like Home Goods, Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx for various organizers at a fraction of the cost.

10. A spice rack for organizing perfume

Perfume bottles

Use a spice rack to show off your perfume. | Saddako/iStock/Getty Images

Having a hard time displaying all of your pretty bottles of perfume? Try using a standing spice rack! Not only will it allow for more counter space, it will help you see your bottles easier, too.

11. Ikea RÅSKOG Utility Cart

Ikea utility cart

RÅSKOG Utility cart, black $24.99 | Ikea

Another easy and functional way to organize your makeup? In a three-tiered card, like the RÅSKOG Utility Cart ($24.99) from Ikea. The three levels clear up drawer space and allow you to customize your organization. Not to mention: You can roll the cart to whatever room you need!

12. A plastic easter egg for your Beauty Blender

Female hand and beauty products

Keep the sponge clean from outside dirt. | Massonstock/iStock/Getty Images

If you love your Beauty Blender, but don’t want to contaminate it with germs and other pore-clogging debris, try storing it in a plastic easter egg. The shape of the makeup sponge fits perfectly inside and the plastic container helps keep the sponge clean.

13. Ikea BEKVÄM Spice Rack

Ikea spice rack

BEKVÄM Spice rack, birch $3.99 | Ikea

If you’re looking for more bathroom storage for makeup and other beauty products, try the BEKVÄM Spice Rack ($3.99) from Ikea. Not only is it super cheap, it’s super easy to customize — paint it, stencil it, and so on! — and holds a lot! Get a few of them and stack them on your bathroom wall for some of your most-used products.

14. Door magnets for the inside of your medicine cabinet

Bathroom cabinet and sink

Add some magnets and store your items with ease. | Image Source/Getty Images

If the inside of your medicine cabinet is magnetic, you may be able to use magnetic hooks, cups, and other organization tools to help you store some of your smaller items. Just make sure to line everything up with the shelves so that door closes all the way.

15. Baskets for above your medicine cabinet or under your sink

Basket storage in bathroom

Stylishly hide all of your clutter. | berkyj/iStock/Getty Images

Baskets can be a great way to stylishly organize your beauty and makeup items. That said, they can get cluttered fast. Instead putting all of your items in a basket, use them to create more space under your sink or declutter the top of your medicine cabinet.

Adding things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and a backup stash of cotton balls, pads, and swabs for restocking can make more room for makeup storage.