Makeup: Are You Wearing the Wrong Makeup for Your Face?

You could be wearing the wrong makeup for your face if one (or more) of the following seven cardinal sins of cosmetics applies to you. Fix it fast with these tips and tricks to ensure you’re ready for your close-up — or your next FaceTime.

1. Your foundation doesn’t match your face

A woman applying makeup

Always make sure your foundation matches. |

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation is one of the most ubiquitous “oops” moments in makeup, which is to say, it happens to almost everyone at least once. The telltale sign is the line between the face and neck. Or you may notice your face is a bit ghostly, or simply a completely different color from your body, when last night’s photo gets posted to Facebook the next day. That’s an #aboutlastnight we know you don’t want to repeat.

When you’re selecting a foundation shade, it’s important to apply it to the jawline and examine it in natural light. You will also likely need two different foundation shades — one for the fall and winter and one for the summer months when your skin may be darker and more bronzed. Also, blending is your friend as you want zero demarcation between your face, neck, and décolletage. Make sure you extend the product onto your chest area if you’re wearing a low-cut ensemble.

When it comes to foundation, this is one time where you do want to go matchy-matchy all the way.

2. Your under-eye concealer is glowing

portrait of young beautiful woman

Choose your concealer carefully. |

We know you want to hide the bags, but contrary to what you may think, the best way to do this is not with a concealer that’s lighter than your foundation. This can create a glowing, halo-effect under the eye, which is likely not what you’re trying to achieve. Erase any darkness in the area with a peach-toned concealer; it’s a universally flattering shade and helps counteract dark purple or blue under-eye tones. You can also look for a liquid concealer that contains light-reflecting particles that matches your skin tone — and not a shade lighter!

3. Wrong eye shadow for your eye color

woman doing makeup in front of a mirror

Make sure you pick a nice eyeshadow. |

Rather than trying to enhance your eyes with an exaggerated cat eye effect or too much mascara, first take a look at the eye shadow palette you’re using. You can maximize your unique eye color with the right hues and immediately make your gaze even more powerful. Opt for an opposite shade from your eye color, not the exact match. The contrast will work in your favor. So, if you have blue eyes, try shades including copper and bronze as well as plum and terra cotta. For brown or hazel eyes, hues like blue, purple, and green will really provide an enhancing effect.

4. Your eyes look like they need a nap

woman applying black eyeliner

Make sure you pick the proper eyeliner. |

If you’ve concealed under-eye circles but your eyes still look like they haven’t seen sleep in days, then you may want to revisit your eye liner. A reddish brown-tinted eye liner usually is the culprit. The red tones cause your eyes to look red, consequently making you look tired or even sick. If you want a softer shade than black, try navy, gray, or eggplant to make those eyes pop.

5. You’re getting too lippy

Woman putting lipstick

Do away with the bold lip liner. |

Let your lips do the talking, but make sure they’re saying the right things! First things first, that lip liner must not have its own starring role. Make sure you blend the line around your pout effectively by choosing a product that’s just one shade darker or brighter than your natural lip color. Another option is a clear lip liner that will provide definition and keep your lipstick in place but won’t create any visible lines.

In addition, the days of super-high-gloss, slick (and sticky!) lips are over. Make sure yours aren’t too shiny by applying lip gloss only at the center area of the lip for maximum impact without looking overdone.

6. Your blush is showing

brushes on eye shadows

Go easy on the blush. |

Blush is really intended to be a fake-out for flushed cheeks, which is to say, it really shouldn’t be noticeable. Too much ruddy rouge can look clownish rather than leave you with that healthy glow you’re going for. Natural flushing occurs on the apples of the cheeks, so smile and lightly sweep a rosy-hued blush onto this area. Make sure to diffuse and blend the blush outwards towards the temples to avoid harsh blush lines that go against your natural flush and can have an aging and contrived effect.

7. You’re making too many statements

Girl with pink eyeshadow and violet lipstick

Pick just one focal point. |

Just like you should make the choice between flaunting your cleavage or your legs, you have to choose one area of your face to really doll up. Some gals can pull off an over-the-top makeup look all the way around, but for most, it’s far better to choose a dramatic smoky eye or a bold crimson lip — and not both. Otherwise, things can go overboard really quickly.

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