The Types of Makeup You Just Shouldn’t Use During Summer

The hot summer months are prime time for pool days, beach vacays, barbecue parties — and makeup mistakes! Just as you switch out your fall wardrobe when the weather turns warm, you should do the same with your cosmetics. After all, there are some types of makeup you just shouldn’t use in the summer. So, put your best face forward — no matter where you find your fun in the sun — and avoid this list of products that are really not appropriate for the season.

You can thank us later for these summer makeup tips that promise to keep any makeup meltdowns at bay.

1. Over-the-top shimmer

Woman removing makeup

Save the shimmer for the winter and fall months. |

Even if you’re all about unicorn lattes and glitter nail lacquer, keep the iridescence away from your face. Sure, you want a nice glow, but products such as bronzer, eye shadow, and powders with too much luminosity are going to make you look unnatural as well as extra shiny and sweaty in the sun and humidity. Err on the side of caution and use in moderation, so your natural, sun-kissed radiance can shine through.

2. Powder

Face powder

Your powder will start to cake once you start to sweat. |

While it can be tempting to powder your nose and T-zone at every turn to avoid the dreaded shine, some products can cause a cakey effect in the warmer months. Instead, brush a bit of translucent powder over your face in the morning to set your base of light concealer, foundation, or BB cream. Then, try blotting papers throughout the day to maintain your complexion and use translucent powder sparingly. Summer is also a good time to see the beauty of imperfections. Embrace your natural shine!

3. Powder blush

woman face powders

It would be wise if you also stayed away from powder blush in the summer. |

Just like that setting powder, powder blush formulas can also have a heavier, cakey effect as the mercury rises. Plus, these types of rouges are not always as effective in accomplishing your radiant, face-forward goals. A better option for your overall look and longevity in the hot weather is a gel or blush stain, or a cream blush. It will provide a hint of flush to enhance your complexion.

4. Heavy matte lipsticks

beautiful brunet woman in grunge style

Think light and bright instead of going for something so dark. |

Speaking of stains, this category of makeup will also come in handy for your pretty summer pout, which should be outfitted in sweet, juicy shades. All of those heavily saturated lipsticks that provided a dramatic, matte finish for your style-forward fall look simply need to be shown the door come summer. As their name suggests, lip stains generally offer far more long-lasting color and natural-looking sheer coverage. As the amount of color can be built up, they’re versatile enough to go from simple to sizzling in no time flat. Plus, you won’t have to worry about pesky lip pencils or lipstick feathering or bleeding in the warm weather because stains stay put.

5. Regular mascara

Woman applying mascara on her eyelashes

Avoid mascara running down your cheeks and just go au naturel. |

Raccoon eyes are never in style — especially not in the summer. So, regular mascara should be avoided on the daily. Just the heat and sweat alone can do a number on any mascara that’s not waterproof. And, if you’re planning on taking a swim, that’s even more reason to opt for a waterproof product. You could always go au naturel, too, and skip the mascara. You’ll likely have sunglasses on anyway.

6. Regular eyeliner

woman applying black eyeliner

A good dose of eye liner will also lead you to makeup mishaps in the summer. |

Similar to mascara, eyeliner should be waterproof to yield the best results in the summer. With traditional formulas, you’re going to find yourself with liner that’s running and smearing down your eyes or that simply disappears and has to be reapplied all day and night. Just stay away from a heavy application of liner or mascara if you’re by the water. Let your natural, sun-kissed glow be your hot look of the day rather than a sultry, smoky cat-eye.

7. Foundation (if possible!)

portrait of young beautiful woman

Skip the foundation and embrace your natural look. |

It’s hot in the summer, so why add another layer of product to your face unless you must? Lighten up and consider stepping away from the foundation, which can smudge, melt and leave your skin looking shiny — just stick to a light BB cream or tinted moisturizer. You can also mix oil-free moisturizer with your typical foundation for a softer, more sheer appearance that won’t have a mattifying effect on your face or weigh your complexion down.

8. Products without SPF

Woman wearing hat applying sunscreen

Summer is especially the best time for all of your products to have SPF. |

By now, we’re probably preaching to the choir with the SPF advice. But while we recommend you use SPF on your face every day no matter the season, the summertime is especially important to enhance your protection against harmful rays. Many tinted moisturizers, BB creams, powders, bronzers, and foundations have built-in SPF for you. We say get double the protection via your cosmetics.

9. Thick, emollient face cream

woman hands applying cream

Ditch the thick moisturizer. |

If your skin is especially prone to dryness, you may have a stockpile of thick, nourishing face creams to keep your complexion as hydrated and supple as possible. But, the increase in humidity during the summer coupled with the warmer temps makes this type of cream unnecessary for daytime use. It will likely just leave your skin feeling a bit too heavy and even greasy — although it’s fair game for regenerative, overnight application. Instead, opt for a lightweight lotion with SPF.

10. Safe colors

a palette of nude colored eyeshadows and colorful pigments on a wooden background

It’s the summer, try a fun look! |

If there’s any right time to step outside your standard makeup box, it’s the summer. If you’re not going for the au naturel approach, then why not have a little fun? Bright colors in fashion abound during the season, so reflect them in your beauty look. Try the punchy pop of a bright watermelon or tangerine lip. Or, go for a brighter eye shadow or eyeliner in a turquoise or teal hue. It doesn’t have to be much to make an impact. In fact, it’s better to do a bold lip with a neutral eye, or vice versa, to ensure your makeup look doesn’t go overboard.