A Man’s 5-Step Guide to Wearing Jewelry

Trying to figure out how to accessorize without going overboard? When Venessa Arizaga launched her men’s jewelry line she knew just who to test it on — her husband, Shawn Roche. Roche, an avid skater and surfer, was the perfect guinea pig given her goal of creating simple, fuss-free pieces that “guys will never take off.” She says the key is to design pieces that naturally fall on the body so that you forget that they’re even there. Many men find that even unfussy jewelry can be intimating, but it needn’t be. With more options than ever, there’s never been a better time to show a little personality via a carefully chosen accessory or two. Here’s a look at how to make the trend work for you.

1. Keep it simple


Man wearing a simple necklace | Venessa Arizaga

“Wear pieces that look special but are not overpowering. You can make a statement even if all you’re wearing is a simple chain or pendant necklace,” said Arizaga. Look for pieces that reflect your personality. You can even loop a chain through a keepsake charm, family heirloom, or special artifact. Note, however, that when you’re opting to show off the piece by wearing it over your shirt, chain length is key. Thin chains that hit on the upper quarter of the chest tend to look best.

2. One interesting detail goes a long way


Stylish cuff links | Venessa Arizaga

If rings or necklaces don’t work for your style, don’t fret; there are plenty of discreet way to show off your personality. “Gone are the days when cuff links are used just to secure button shirt cuffs,” Arizaga said. “I love a man in a suit. You can tell a guy’s personality with the cuff links he chooses. He can be serious, funny, or super traditional.”

3. Show your personality with pins


Man wearing a hat with a pin | Venessa Arizaga

“Pins are an easy way to make your outfit more interesting,” Arizaga said. “You can put it on your shirt, your jacket, even your cap. I especially love it when a guy adds pins to his most coveted jean jacket from years of collecting. It really shows your personality.”

4. Stack ‘em up


Layering bracelets | Venessa Arizaga

By now we all know the phrase “arm party,” but for men it’s quality over quantity. Arizaga says it’s best to accessorize your watch (an accessory on its own!), with just one or two pieces. “Two bracelets are enough to add an instant pop of color to your look,” she said. The one exception, she says, are lightweight threaded bracelets mixed with chains. “I generally feel like guys don’t want to be ‘blinged out,’ but do like to stack. They also like to wear something and never take it off, so lightweight threaded bracelets mixed with chains are the perfect pop of color.”

5. Have fun with it


Bracelet with a dog bone | Venessa Arizaga

“Jewelry is supposed to be fun — even for men. Don’t be afraid to make ‘mistakes,'” Arizaga said. “Wear as much or as little as you want. Mix and match colors, and wear whatever makes you feel great! Jewelry is so personal and really says a lot about a person. It can be something you wear and never take off.”