7 Masculine Body Washes Men Will Love

Body washes aren’t just for the girls. Nor is that puffy loofah that goes way beyond the washcloth. There are manly ways to skip that standard bar of soap — and the soap scum residue it leaves all over your shower. So lather up with these seven masculine body washes — some which pull double duty as a face wash — that will have you flushing those bars down the drain in no time flat.

1. Brickell Invigorating Mint Body Wash

men's body wash

Brickell Body Wash | Brickell

High-performance, natural skin care and grooming products for men is the M.O. behind Brickell. The brand’s body wash certainly earns its keep with a gentle, non-chemical-laced formula that also provides a thick, rich lather that’s simply made for that loofah of yours. And the light, refreshing mint scent is pretty delicious.

2. Every Man Jack Body Wash

men's body wash

Every Man Jack Body Wash | Every Man Jack

Accessible and effective, the Every Man Jack line of body washes is a refreshing, hydrating way to nourish and protect your skin. With coconut-derived surfactants and natural essential oils, they clean deeply to remove your body’s dirt and grime, but are never drying. The citrus scrub gets an added boost with jojoba beads to gently slough away dry, dead skin — plus the boost of citrusy mandarin orange and lemon. A two-in-one wash is suitable for your body and face, or go with woodsy cedarwood or sandalwood varieties. At only $6 a pop, you actually don’t really need to choose just one.

3. Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash

men's body wash

Baxter of California Body Wash | Baxter of California

You don’t need a passport for Baxter of California’s hydrating shower gel with Italian lime and pomegranate essence. But it may cause wanderlust with its complex citrus fragrance featuring lime, bergamot, pomegranate, cucumber, and sweet musk notes. The body wash gently cleanses away dirt and debris without stripping skin of moisture and is also available in a bold Flora and Cassis essence along with a more sweet — yet still masculine — Bergamot lemon and pear fragrance.

4. Grooming Lounge Our Best Smeller Body Wash

Grooming Lounge Our Best Smeller

Grooming Lounge Our Best Smeller | Grooming Lounge

It’s called Our Best Smeller for a reason. The Grooming Lounge’s version of the male body wash packs a powerful punch with black pepper oil. We love the energizing and moisturizing cleanser that leaves the body seriously clean and cloaked in that frisky, peppery scent. The modern, paraben-free formula includes açaí, aloe vera, and seaweed to stimulate circulation and hydration — and confidence. Sounds like just the thing to put a pep in your step.

5. Kiehl’s Body Fuel

Kiehl's Body Fuel

Kiehl’s Body Fuel | Kiehl’s

Nothing like fueling your body — in all the right ways. Kiehl’s Body Fuel does just that in a twofer-style product that performs as a body wash, shampoo, and facial cleanser in one. The invigorating cleanser features caffeine and vitamins C and E along with menthol and zinc to refresh and purify your skin and hair. Plus, it’s silicon-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free, so your skin and scalp will be on a healthy full-body high.

6. Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute Bath and Shower Gel

Molton Brown body wash

Molton Brown body wash | Molton Brown

Your shower time just took on new meaning with this refined yet comforting sensory experience that is the Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute Bath and Shower Gel. The body wash from the brand that is considered one of London’s bath and body connoisseurs entices your senses with the rich, heady aromas of warm rosewood, leather tobacco, and light, citrusy grapefruit. It’s a small indulgence worth making.

7. (Malin+Goetz) Eucalyptus Body Wash

(Malin+Goetz) Body Wash

(Malin+Goetz) Body Wash | (Malin+Goetz)

Ideal for more sensitive and problematic skin, (Malin+Goetz) Eucalyptus Body Wash gently and effectively purifies and balances all skin types without drying or stripping skin, unlike traditionally harsh soaps. The foaming cleansing gel, which is free of synthetic fragrance and dyes, synthesizes natural, energizing eucalyptus with amino acid-based cleansing agents plus the hydrating effects of glycerin.

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