Meeting Your Partner’s Parents? The Best Outfit to Wear

Meeting your significant other parents for the first time can be completely nerve racking, don’t tack on additional stress with being inappropriately dressed. It’s important to determine your audience while staying true to your unique style. Whether you have been with your partner for a few months or a few years, getting an idea of how formal or informal their family events are will help you to select the right look with a touch of your own signature style. Below you will find a few styling suggestions for various scenarios where you maybe meeting the parents for the first time. The most important thing is to make a great first impression!

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Source: Banana Republic

Source: Banana Republic

If you invited your partner’s parents over for dinner, make sure you have a relaxed style. However, that does not mean sweats and a raggedy t-shirt. Your look should be clean and put together. Try pairing a dark flannel button down like the Heritage Check Flannel Shirt in vintage gray from Banana Republic with the Fulton Skinny Cotton Chino in a lighter color to provide contrast. If you have more of a playful personality and you really want that to stand out matching a fun graphic tee like The Bow Ties Are Cool Tee from Think Geek with a cashmere zip hoodie sweater not only looks put together but might help break the ice as well! Considering you are in your own home keep the shoes casual as well. Sneakers are an option, but they have to be clean and match the outfit. The Vaughn Sneakers from Ralph Lauren or the Danver Hi-Top sneakers from Madden are the perfect example of the right sneaker.

Dinner at the parent’s

Source: Brooks Brothers

Source: Brooks Brothers

For this occasion, you’re now on the parent’s turf so you definitely want to put your best foot forward. Again, remember to stay true to your personal style, go with a look that is casually nice and effortless. You can never go wrong with a dark colored pair of pants. This is a safe bet in case the parents tend to host more formal dinner parties. The Madison Fit Mini Herringbone Trousers from Brooks Brothers in charcoal blue works great for the occasion. Complementing this look with a basic button down in a solid color and trim fit will offer a polished look. Stick to solids that are not too bright, if you want something with bit more detail you can opt for plaid pattern with a stylish cuff similar to the Trim Fit Plaid Dress Shirt by English Laundry. For the shoes, go with a black dress boot. Again, something nice but not too over the top! Timberland’s Chukka Boots from Macy’s have a clean and classic look.

Night out

Source: Macy's

Source: Macy’s

Whether it’s a cocktail party or a night out at restaurant, you most certainly want to stick to black trousers. This will help to avoid any embarrassment or the feeling of being under dressed. Try to avoid tops that may have a busy design, you can always add a pop of color with a tie. If this can becomes a challenge for you, shopping for shirt and tie combos will help make the selection process a bit easier. The Calvin Klein Non Iron shirt is paired nicely with the Navy Filigree Neat Slim Tie. Match this with a basic pair of black pants, make sure to avoid pleats for a smoother fit. Lastly, the shoes should be on the dressier side. Stick to black and non bulky sole like the Allen Edmonds Oxfords from Nordstroms.

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