Men’s Grooming: Your Post-Gym Grooming Routine

Finding the time to squeeze a gym session into your busy schedule can be challenging, and often times, people find themselves working out on their lunch break, in the early morning, or before a date. That being said, chances are, you’re not going to want to leave all sweaty and stinky. We’ve spoken with the experts at Boardroom Salon for Men to find out what a post-gym grooming routine should look like.

1. Wash your mug

Man stroking his face | Source: iStock

Man stroking his face |

When you sweat, body impurities surface, and your pores are more likely to get clogged. No one wants to be spotted with visibly oily skin and blackheads. To avoid such an instance, be sure to use a gentle face wash, and follow up with a moisturizer that contains SPF.

2. Quick cleanse

man washing hair in shower

Man washing his hair |

Obvious but true — yes, you do need to hop in the shower for a quick rinse after you’ve been sweating up a storm. Use a vitamin-packed body wash to leave you feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated, and of course, don’t forget to wash your hair. When you’re short on time, try a dual option that will take care of both things at once. And if there’s absolutely, positively no time for a shower, be sure to towel-dry your hair to get out all the sweat and oil, which will help when you apply a styling product so that it can actually penetrate your hair rather than just sitting on top.

3. Touch up your ‘do

Source: iStock

Man combing his hair |

Don’t overdo it, though. When restyling your hair, it’s important to use only a small, dime-sized amount of product, whether it be gel, cream, or pomade. Work it into your hair for a dry, natural look, reining in any loose, out of place strands.

4. Skip the shave

No need to shave |

No need to shave |

The grooming pros actually recommend skipping the locker room shave in the interest of your time… and skin. If you’ve got a hot date or big meeting after your workout, make sure to shave the night before or prior to leaving your house in the morning. A rushed shave can leave a bad result.

5. Moisturize

Man in bathroom applying cosmetics on his face

A man applying moisturizer |

Everyone needs a good serving of body lotion to help curb dryness. Think of the areas that are most prone to being dry — elbows, knees, heels — and go crazy. Besides the obvious, applying lotion post-workout will also give your muscles a quick massage, along with leaving you with a lasting fresh, clean smell. If your gym equipment tends to increase calluses, it’s a good idea to also opt for some hand cream, too.

6. Freshen up

Cologne |

Cologne |

Deodorant is a necessity for most, so make sure you choose one with natural ingredients that actually blocks odor as opposed to masking them. And another thing — don’t go crazy with the cologne. While the idea of smelling fresh is a welcome one, don’t be that guy who reeks of a bad fragrance commercial. Remember, less is more here, guys.