4 Men’s Hair Cuts That Will Never Go Out of Style

If you are the kind of guy who can’t be bothered with keeping up with the latest hairstyle that might be trending, consider opting for a timeless look that will never have you feeling outdated. No matter what your hair texture or hair length, the styles below work for just about every man.

1. Side swept

Side Sweep

A side swept hair cut | iStock.com

This traditional look has worked for years and is usually sported by older gents, but over time it has found a way to reinvent itself offering a youthful appearance. With a new generation of guys like Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, and Zac Efron sporting the side-swept look, it’s clear this style is here to stay. How can you achieve this look? It simply involves brushing or combing the hair to one side and creating a simple part. So whether you are 30 or 60 years old you can wear this look with confidence.

2. The traditional quiff

The Quiff

The traditional quiff | iStock.com

The quiff hairstyle was popularized by legends like Elvis and James Dean, really emphasizing a rebel style. The length of your hair will determine the end result of the style. The classic look shows more balance all around, keeping some length at the back and sides. As long as you maintain a clean and sharp hairline you can vary the length in the back and sides, but it should remain shorter than the top to place emphasis on the distinct contrast.

3. Combed back

Combed back hair

A combed back hairstyle | iStock.com

For those who have longer locks, opting for a slicked or combed back look is a great traditional style. This also works well for guys that have their longer hair cut into layers. This allows for more wiggle room between a timeless and trendy look. Having more hair on top to play with can open the possibilities to different finishes and looks that can be achieved with a few styling products like pomade or styling cream.

4. Buzz cut

buzz cut

A buzz cut | iStock.com

The buzz cut has been around as far back as the 1890s! A-listers such as David Beckham, Will Smith, and Jay-Z have rocked this simple look throughout their careers. Clearly this works for just about every male no matter their style or hair texture. You can easily achieve this cut by using electric clippers without the comb guard on, leaving the sides very short and the top similarly short or slightly shaped.

If you your aren’t afraid of experimenting, you can definitely achieve this look on your own, making it budget-friendly. The benefits of this hairstyle are that it’s quick, easy, defines the face, and is very low-maintenance. Keep your style groomed with some control wax when the hair gets slightly longer; no product is needed when the hair is very short.