Men’s Jewelry: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Jewelry

Men tend to squirm at the idea of jewelry — watches, necklaces, cufflinks, and tie clips — but they shouldn’t. Each serves a purpose: A watch helps to tell time and prevents tardiness (while making you look boss), cufflinks ensure your shirt stays closed, and your tie clip keeps your tie out of places it shouldn’t be. And they all help you look your best. To that end, there’s no need to steer clear of these artful self-decorated beauties. Embracing a bit of bling adds intrigue and class to an outfit, especially when worn with office dress attire. Here are some rules to follow when it comes to adding jewelry to your outfit.

1. Master the essentials

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A nice watch is among the best men’s jewelry |

If you’re not much of a jewelry or accessory guy and had to pick just one item to wear, it would probably be a watch. It’s the essential that makes everything else non-essential. If you go for watch that’s functional, you can afford to make a bit of a statement by wearing a gold chronograph, which plays down the fact that it’s doing its job. The less useful the piece, the more subdued it should be. The right watch on a man says all the right things — remember that.

One last note on your watch: Be weary of your proportions. If you have a smaller wrist, don’t opt for a watch with a larger face because it will only make your wrist look smaller.

2. Don’t clash your metals

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Man checking the time on a silver watch |

Consider this your most important style lesson: As with your leathers, your metals need to match. This means that beautiful gold Rolex you’re wearing needs to pair equally with your rings and cufflinks. Just make sure you don’t overdo it with the gold. Silver is less ostentatious, easier to pair, and — Did we all mention? — less expensive. This means you can afford to invest in more pieces without going over budget. Your bank account may thank you for that one.

3. Don’t be cheap

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Invest in good pieces |

Green stains from substandard metals really dull your outfit. This doesn’t mean you have to, nor should you, go out and buy a watch with a hefty price tag. It just means that you should keep to watches made of stainless steel. They always look strong on your hand when paired with copper or leather cuffs — or even beaded bracelets to contrast the watch. It’s all about balance and getting the best on the budget you have.

4. Make sure your jewelry is occasion appropriate

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Man on a job interview |

If you’re going for a job interview, you’re not going to want to wear any major bling like massive chain. Be sure to tailor your jewelry choices to the occasion. For formal occasions, restrict your jewelry to modest choices: watches, cufflinks, wedding bands, and lapel pins. For more casual ones, stick to the above rules. Too much sparkle when you’re in a low-key setting stands out in all the wrong ways.