3 Menswear Pieces You Should Get Custom-Made

When it comes to menswear pieces, do you know exactly what you like? Do you spend hours looking for the perfect fit and style? Have you more or less funded a college education for your tailor’s kid? Then we need to speak about bespoke. Now, more than ever it’s easier to have the most important items in your wardrobe custom-made. In fact, buying custom-made clothing can actually be less expensive than buying off the rack. Here are three menswear pieces that deserve this individualized attention.

1. Suits

Man wearing a suit

Man wearing a suit | Suitable

In the past, getting a suit custom made was a time-consuming, expensive process. However, three new startups have made bespoke suits within reach for most men.

Suitable is one of the most affordable brands. You can either visit the company’s showroom in New York City or schedule a virtual fitting with one of their specialists. You then choose from the styles available on their website or order a fabric swatch, just to make sure. There are no specific options to customize further, which makes Suitable suitable for the man who has trouble fitting into standard sizes, but doesn’t want to stress about the details. They also guarantee their tailoring, but if for any reason your suit doesn’t fit perfectly, Suitable will give you a credit to have it altered by your local tailor.

Trumaker makes buying a custom suit truly easy and seamless. They send one of their outfitters to your home or office to measure you and discuss your wardrobe needs. Then you simply place your order online. Don’t fret if you aren’t near any of their outposts; virtual fitting sessions are available.

If you want complete and total control over your clothes, then get yourself over to Alton Lane. After getting measured at one of their seven showrooms, the fun begins. They will make a make suit to your measurements and let you work out every little detail. You can choose from a seemingly endless amount of options including fabric quality, lapel style, number of buttons, placket style and even the color of the piping thread.

2. Shirts

Collection of button-up shirts

Collection of button-up shirts | Proper Cloth

iTailor sells dress and polo shirts exclusively with prices starting at just $29.95. You can choose every aspect of the shirt from color and pattern to sleeve style, collar, cuffs, bottom, etc. iTailor does not have stylists, so be sure to take your measurements carefully.

Proper Cloth is another custom shirt company. You can send them your measurements or get measured at their New York City showroom. Proper Cloth lets you choose from their gallery of over 400 fabrics, and tons of collar, button, and cuff styles. If you already have a favorite dress shirt, you can send it to them to have a facsimile made.

3. Jeans

Man wearing jeans

Jeans from Red Malt | Red Malt

There are very few things that look worse on a man than jeans that do not fit properly. From being too tight to having a saggy bottom, it’s not always easy to find the perfect fit. If this is a problem for you and you wear jeans a lot (what man doesn’t?), bespoke is the perfect solution.

3 X 1 is the holy grail of custo-jeans and very popular with celebrities and NBA players (who can be very hard to fit). While prices start at $1,200, every pair is designed, fit, and handmade individually.