Messy Hair: How Any Man Can Create This Low-Maintenance Look

a stylish man with nice hair

A man with styled hair | Source: iStock

When it comes to your life and clothing choices, messy is not the thing to strive for. However, when it comes to your hair, all bets are off. The disheveled or messy look is classic — it never goes out of style and can be worn on any hair type and at any age. It’s a timeless hairstyle that is full of character and suitable for any occupation: It goes just as well with a business suit as it does when you’re running errands on a Sunday. Not to mention it’s a great update to any look you’re currently rocking: It’s practical and incredibly versatile. What more could you want out of a hairstyle? You need to put in just the right amount of effort to make this style work — think of it as ‘organized chaos’: You want it to appear messy without it being an actual mess. Here are 5 essential styling tips to nail this look.

1. First things first, seek the help of a professional

This hair cut is all about texture, so it’s great for guys with really thick, voluminous curly hair. That being said, the disheveled untamed look requires careful precision to pull off, so don’t attempt to achieve this look without the skillful hands of a professional. The defining feature of the style is the illusion of movement within the entire cut. The only way to properly achieve this is to pay a visit to your barber: Ask them to keep the length on the top, how long is up to you, with shorter sides. Instead of strictly taking scissors through it, ask to have it cut with a razor, which accentuates the hair’s natural movement and adds variety mostly on the back and sides — ask for a point cut shape on the top. The razor cuts into the hair rather than thinning it out, which creates a stronger, less “blocky” shape, and won’t look too over-fluffed when styled.

2. Whip out the blow dryer

blow drying his hair in the bathroom

A man blow drying his hair | Source: iStock

We’ve touted the benefits of the blow dryer, and for this ‘do, it will allow for a more put together messy look as opposed to towel drying, which can not only break your ends, but can leave your hair frizzy and victim to static electricity — and we all know how annoying that is. Using a blow dryer also gives you more control to determine which directions you want your hair to dry — remember, you’re going for messy here and you don’t want it only in one direction. Apply a heat protection paste or serum and brush your hands throughout for hold and volume. You can also scrunch your mane for more waves/curls.

3. Match your hair product to your hair type

Now that your hair is dry, you need to figure out what products you should smooth into your tresses. Knowing the texture and consistency of your hair is key in figuring out what product will work best to achieve your desired messy goal. If your hair is thicker, you’re going to want a product with a lightweight hold, like a matte pomade, so as not to add more volume to your mane, and conversely, if you’re hair is straight and flatter, you’ll want a product that adds body to your hair, like a texturizing powder. For curly haired men, finish off your style with a sea salt spray if your hair is finer, or one with moisturizing properties if your hair is coarse. Just remember to not overdo it on the product. You’re going for imperfection here.

4. Styling time — scrunch it in

combing his hair

A man styling his hair | Source: iStock

You blow dried, you have the right product, and now it’s time to use it. Take your desired product and scrunch it into your hair to maximize the texture you have, starting from the root downward. Feel free to use your blow dryer again to set the product on a lower heat and speed.

5. Get yourself back to your barber

One of the best parts of this hairstyle is that it grows out nicely, which means you won’t need to visit your barber as often. That said, it’s best to go back every three to four weeks just to tidy it up and keep it looking in tip-top messy shape. When you do go back, make sure you cut the sides a little shorter so your ‘do doesn’t grow out as quickly. It’s easier to keep the proportions of your hair and style intact.

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