Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes When Choosing a Pair of Shoes

Shoes are perhaps the most important accessory you buy. Even if you aren’t an accessory guy, we all need to wear shoes. The right footwear can make an outfit, but it can also break an outfit. Here are six common shoe mistakes that men tend to make. Once you learn what not to do, you’ll be able to step up to a whole new level of accessorizing.

1. Wearing sneakers with formalwear

Make sure you aren't making these mistakes with your shoes

Make sure you aren’t making these mistakes with your shoes. |

Do not pair your favorite Chuck Taylor All-Stars with a suit or worse, a tuxedo. It’s also not acceptable to wear sneakers to a wedding. Especially your own wedding.

2. Wearing shoes that have seen better days

Dirty converse

Know when your kicks need to be tossed. |

Everything has a shelf life. Even if you have a pair of shoes you really like or were expensive — it doesn’t matter. All good things must come to an end. If your shoes have holes (even if you don’t think anyone can really see them), are faded, scratched or look like they’ve been dragged through the mud (or actually have been dragged through the mud), don’t wear them. A good rule of thumb (or toe) is: If it’s worn out, don’t wear it out — throw it out.

However, there is one exception to this rule. Shoes in decent condition with minor issues, such as worn heels or scratches, can be taken to a shoe repair person and fixed. Spending a few bucks to repair your shoes can be cheaper and easier than buying a new pair.

3. Wearing black shoes all the time

Luxury brown and black shoes

Add some pizzazz to your shoes collection. |

Black shoes are versatile and for the most part, a safe bet, but your shoe collection should not be exclusively limited to this color. A colorful or even patterned shoe can make an ensemble way more interesting. This is an especially good season to break away from black. There are so many vibrant options available, why not take a break from boring and basic?

4. Wearing socks when you shouldn’t


Socks are not always necessary. |

Socks are a necessity with dress shoes and sneakers, but sometimes, your feet look better naked. For example, never wear socks and sandals together. There is absolutely no exception to this rule. This also applies to boat shoes. If you are going to wear boat shoes and socks, you might as well just jump ship.

5. Wearing shoes with square toes

Black shoes

Anything with a square toe looks outdated. |

Much like mullets, Ed Hardy, and Affliction, square-toed shoes look incredibly dated. How did anyone ever think these were a good idea? If you happen to own a pair or two, it’s time to part ways with them.

6. Wearing barefoot running shoes

Man running barefoot

Barefoot running shoes are not a good option. |

Do you remember when barefoot-style running shoes were all the rage two or three years ago? Suddenly, it looked like everyone was wearing gloves on their feet because it was supposedly better for you to run barefoot just like the cavemen did? Well, it turns out our ancestors were wrong and there is no scientific proof that running barefoot is actually any better for your feet. Vibram even had to settle a multi-million dollar lawsuit because their claims just weren’t true. So, please don’t wear barefoot running shoes — not just for fashion’s sake, but also for the sake of evolution.