Music Tech: 4 Cool Gadgets for Guitar Players

Technology has really broadened the gap between the musical artist and the listener, especially through the use of music sharing websites. Now it can also help artists create and record music for higher quality work. If you’re an aspiring musician who’s looking to get discovered or just interested in creating music as a hobby, check out these useful gadgets.

1. iRig Acoustic


Source: IK Multimedia

If you play an acoustic strings instrument like the ukulele or the guitar, it can be difficult to get a crisp sound recording without using expensive recording gear. With the iRig Acoustic your recording problems are solved. The small clip-on device attaches to the bottom of the sound hole allowing the mic to be placed where it can pick up every vibration from your instrument as well as the full frequency wave. This gadget is compatible with all stringed instruments that contain a sound hole and works with both iOS and Android operating systems. The best part is it’s only $49.99, so you don’t have to break the bank to record your music.

2. Jamstik+


Source: Jamstik

The Jamstik+, also known as the “smart guitar” or “little digital guitar,” is exactly what the name suggests, a five-fret mini portable electronic guitar. Perfect for aspiring guitarists, you simply strum and play chords as you would on a normal guitar except the sound comes digitally through a mobile app or your computer’s desktop. If you are a beginner, the Jamstik is great resource for learning as it sees your fingers and gives instructions on how to play. If you’re more of an advanced guitar player, this gadget is perfect for recording your music. Because it’s electronic it never has to be tuned, making it worth the current $299 trade show special.

3. BeatBuddy

BeatBuddy- 3-4 View

Source: BeatBuddy

Considered the first drum machine pedal for every musician, BeatBuddy is truly a game-changer for musicians. Regardless of what instrument you play, you can add drums of any genre to your own music in any time signature. What makes these drums so unique is that they are not set to a grid, so they don’t sound like a machine. Instead they are recordings of real drummers. There are over 200 songs available in 21 genres with the ability to access more in BeatBuddy’s expanding premium content library. The numerous features allow you to insert fills, add accent hits, create drum breaks, and transition between verses and choruses with ease. Every song needs a good beat, and BeatBuddy can help your music achieve that.

4. Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie (8)

Source: Roadie

Roadie is a must-have gadget for any guitarist for its ease of use and maintenance capabilities. Simply connect the device to the tuning peg of your guitar, strum the string, and Roadie tunes it for you. The Roadie App, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, allows you to choose how you would like your instrument tuned; you can even create your own custom tuning apart from the preset options. The app also allows you to create a profile for your instrument so you can keep track of the string quality. It notifies you when it’s time to restring and gives you instructions on how to unwind and wind your strings with ease. You can use this device with any string instrument equipped with a guitar machine head such as an electric, acoustic, or classic guitar, as well as the banjo, ukulele, and mandolin.

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