Need More Space? 10 Apps to Free up Storage on Your Phone

Everybody wants more space on their phone. You may take tons of photos, or create lots of videos. Maybe you download and use a lot of apps, or download and listen to a wide variety of music. Perhaps when you bought your phone, you opted for less storage than would be ideal in order to save some cash.

In any case, we all know the feeling of checking how much free storage we have left and seeing that the device’s memory is uncomfortably close to full. We all know that we can delete apps, for instance, to clear up some space. But if you want a quick way to free up storage on your phone, the fastest solution is actually to download another app or two.

Hear us out: There are actually some useful apps that make it faster and easier to maximize the storage on your phone. Some help you find and delete unneeded files. Others make it easy to get rid of duplicate photos. And others help you identify which apps you aren’t using and can delete. Read on to check out our top picks. We promise you’ll have extra space for the apps and photos you love in no time.

1. CCleaner

Woman using smartphone on airplane

If you have an Android device, download CCleaner |

CCleaner is a highly-rated Android app that offers a quick way to clean up junk files and get rid of unused apps and bloatware. You may recognize the name from the company’s PC and Mac software — which probably makes it obvious that this app is serious about deleting junk, improving performance, and helping you take control of what your phone is doing and what’s taking up the biggest proportion of your storage.

2. Clean Master

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Clean Master will clean up your Android phone | Kikovic

Clean Master is cited again and again as one of the best apps to clean up an Android phone. It helps you uninstall apps that you don’t use and remove data that’s just taking up valuable space. In fact, just getting rid of junk files is a great way to free up space for the things that are more fun and more useful. The app can also clean out notifications. It even promises to help your phone run faster, and can even scan for malware-infected files. 

3. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

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Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is good for cleaning your address book |

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is an aptly-named app that, well, enables you to clean up the duplicate contacts that may be cluttering your address book. Let’s be clear: This isn’t a great way to free up a lot of space. But if you’re in the process of cleaning up your phone and want to do a really thorough job, this quick download will make short work of streamlining your address book. 

4. Duplicate Contacts

woman using a smartphone

Duplicate Contacts will help you streamline your address book |

Duplicate Contacts is the address-book-slimming app for you if you have an Android phone (and lots of repetitive entries cluttering your contacts list). Particularly if you have dozens or even hundreds of duplicate contacts, this is a fast and easy way to streamline your address book. Which can be pretty satisfying — even if it isn’t going to free up a noticeable amount of storage space. 

5. Flic

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Flic will help you clean up your photos |

Flic is the perfect app for you if you just want a quick way to delete unneeded photos without going through the trouble of organizing and categorizing everything. Flic is modeled after Tinder. So all you need to do is swipe through your photos to quickly delete all the shots you don’t need. You’ll swipe left to delete a photo and swipe right to keep it. Cleaning up your camera roll is a quick (and with Flic, fun) way to free up storage space on your phone. 

6. Google Photos

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Google Photos keeps you organized |

Google Photos is the perfect solution for anybody who takes a lot of photos but still needs at least some space for apps on their phone. The Android or iOS app can not only organize your photos but can back them up and even delete them from your device’s local storage in order to free up space. It’s a win-win situation. You get unlimited cloud storage for high-quality photos, and you can clear out space anytime you need it.

7. iMyfone Umate

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iMyfone Umate helps you delete junk files from your iPhone |

iMyfone Umate is a Mac app that enables you to quickly free up space on your iPhone. Once you connect your iPhone to your computer, the app scans your device. It deletes hidden, temporary, and junk files. Plus, it gets rid of the caches associated with your camera roll, photo stream, and photo library. You can select photos for mass deletion, or opt to compress your photos instead. Plus, you can find and remove large files and remove unnecessary apps. 

8. PhoneClean

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PhoneClean is the ultimate app for cleaning out your phone |

PhoneClean is a great way to remove all kinds of junk from your iPhone. This Windows or Mac app can delete app caches, app cookies, app temporary files, crash logs, download temporary files, iTunes Radio caches, user storage files, iOS invalid data, camera photo caches, filter photo caches, others’ photos, photos you’ve put in the trash, artwork caches, and large or old media files. Need we say more?

9. Power Clean

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Power Clean can even monitor your data usage |

Power Clean is an all-around useful app for iPhone owners looking to get rid of some of the junk that accumulates over months (or years) of using their phones. This app can scan through your photos and identify those that are blurry, duplicates, or boring so that you can delete them. It can also identify videos that are taking up a lot of storage space. Plus, it can monitor data usage and test network speed. Useful, right?

10. The Roll

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The Roll helps you organize your photos |

The Roll enables you to organize your camera roll, find your best photos, and get rid of the ones that don’t make the cut. Using image recognition technology, it not only groups photos based on their content, but it can also highlight the best ones. The app will automatically tag your photos and display them in categories. You can then identify your best shots and choose to delete any that don’t look as good as the rest.