One-Stop Shopping: 3 Outfits From Club Monaco

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Club Monaco is one of those retail brands that, although expensive, has clothes that are simple, sophisticated, and carefully constructed. Think of Club Monaco as several steps above J.Crew in terms of price and quality — this is perfect for the man who has a larger clothing budget.

The first Club Monaco store was opened in Toronto in 1985 by Canadian Joe Mimran, the same man who founded Joe Fresh, and was sold to Polo Ralph Lauren in 1999. Two years ago, the brand launched a more expensive and fashion-forward collection, what is now the one we’ve grown to love today, and has been making leaps and bounds in fashion ever since. In recent years, Club Monaco has stepped up its collaborations with other brands, including bags with Jane Mayle and denim brands Mother and Citizens of Humanity.

Club Monaco has solidified itself as an international retail brand, recognized by fashion influences for its thoughtfully designed and purposeful collections that feature relevant, wearable pieces. With headquarters in New York City’s Chelsea Gallery district, Club Monaco stores can be found worldwide, including throughout the United States, London, Sweden, Canada, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, and Macau. Since it’s become a truly fashionable go-to, we’ve picked out three fantastic outfit pairings that you can only find at Club Monaco.

1. Texturized detail perfection


Source: Club Monaco

This Horseshoe Cable Mock Sweater in light brown is constructed from a cozy wool blend with an all-over horseshoe cable knitting that adds endless interest to what would normally be a typical chunky knit-denim combo. Pair with jeans or joggers for a casual look or with tailored trousers for more refined occasions. Finish this outfit with Wings + Horns Low-Top Sneaker in white.

2. The blazer and jeans combo


Source: Club Monaco

The blazer and jeans combo can be a tricky style to pull off, and it must be done right to avoid looking like you threw on a blazer because you had nothing else to wear. The Lardini Wool Tweed Blazer is made of an easy-to-match melange brown texture. Paired with a cashmere crewneck for warmth, a white dress shirt for refinement, finished off with a pair of Japanese selvedge denim and Allen Edmonds Mora Suede Monk in snuff, this outfit will have a rugged yet sophisticated feel that you can definitely wear on casual Friday.

3. Sophisticated winter workwear


Source: Club Monaco

You can’t ever go wrong with a wool cashmere topcoat — just make sure to steer clear of it if it’s raining. This one is completely classic in detail and fully luxe in its construction, crafted from renowned Italian fabric house Loro Piana. The interior of the topcoat is just as luxurious in silky Bemberg lining. Because it’s already warm and cozy on its own, when it’s paired with a thick-knit nep wool, not only does it add warmth, but this Donegal Shawl Cardigan in a neutral light grey is a distinct style that seamlessly layers over a multitude of looks. In addition, it looks perfect over a heather grey dress shirt with a pair of charcoal grey plaid dress trousers. Finish with Allen Edmonds MacNeil Wingtip in black, and this is definitely your new office-appropriate look.

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