One-Stop Shopping: 3 Premium Outfits You Can Get at Uniqlo


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Uniqlo is a major division of Japanese retailing company Fast Retailing, and it sells inexpensive, high-quality merchandise. The company, which is a major retail success, operates almost 1600 stores worldwide and has a wide array of offerings online. Chairman, President, and CEO Tadashi Yanai of Uniqlo notes that the brand is in a unique position as it’s the world’s only Life Wear brand. Yanai says to Forbes that the company’s everyday clothes are ideal in every way due to their high quality, fashionable, affordable, and comfortable characteristics.

Here’s where Uniqlo truly differentiates itself: Its fabrics. Despite its low prices, Uniqlo doesn’t fall into the category of deeply discounted fashion. Much like fast-fashion brands like H&M and Topshop, it delivers a low-cost product that shares similar qualities of high-end retail; however, “Uniqlo is a bit of a different animal,” says Luca Solca, who covers retail for Bernstein Research to NYMag. “And what’s different about Uniqlo is that they have chosen fabric, rather than fashion, as the area where they want to excel,” Solca concludes.

Another differentiating factor? The colors they offer. Uniqlo expertly disguises their limited variety of products by offering them in almost every color imaginable. For example, there are 80 colors of polo shirts currently available in their retail stores.

Although Uniqlo carries fewer styles compared to other fast fashion brands, therein lies the secret to better quality items: They’re able to consolidate as many fabric buys as possible. An interesting tidbit about Uniqlo: Its premium jean, which is made in Japan, is selvedge denim — a much higher quality denim that can normally run you a couple of hundred dollars. Uniqlo offers it at $59.50.

These are just a few of the reasons we love Uniqlo. If you’re looking for a minimal look that looks like high fashion, you’ll want to check it out. Here are three great outfits you can get from Uniqlo.

1. The never be cold again look 


Source: Uniqlo

What to get:

2. The casual Sunday look


Source: Uniqlo

What to get:

3. The work uniform


Source: Uniqlo

What to get:

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