One-Stop Shopping: 3 Ways to Reinvent Your Style at Bloomingdale’s


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Bloomingdale’s will always be an all-time favorite. Who doesn’t love a high-end department store where you can, sartorially speaking, get anything and everything you’ve been looking for and know that what you’re getting is on trend? Today, Bloomingdale’s is a fashion maven’s one stop go-to shop for everything on point and trendy. Founded in the 19th century (so you know there’s a reason it’s been around for so long) by two brothers, Lyman and Joseph Bloomingdale, the department store caters to America’s love of international goods and features some of the top designers in the world. The store is known for its quality, creativity, and uniqueness and has remained at the forefront of retailing worldwide. In continuing with that tradition, here are our favorite looks that you can get from the department store.

1.  A different take on your business suit

sport coat

Source: Bloomingdale’s

Who wants to wear a boring suit day in and day out? It’s incredibly easy to update your wardrobe by switching out your blazer for something a little more exciting. Build your new work outfit around a plaid sport coat with a complementary pocket square for added interest. Skip the tie while you’re at it too.

The look:

2. A new take on athleisure


Source: Bloomingdale’s

You can never go wrong with the athleisure look. By simply adding in subtle touches of different fabrics, such as leather on a hoodie, you can instantly add interest and freshness to the trend.

The look:

3. The rugged outdoorsman


Source: Bloomingdale’s

There’s something very empowering about dressing like you’re ready to go chop some wood, blaze the trails and look sophisticated while doing it.

The look:

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