7 Outdated Clothing Items Men Need to Immediately Throw Out

It’s easy to hold onto old shoes because they’re comfortable, or any clothing with fond memories attached to them. However, sometimes it’s best to take a step back and look at these items for what they actually are: outdated. Instead of waiting to do your annual spring cleaning, take the initiative to clean out your closet today. You’re bound to find a number of pieces featured on this list that immediately need to go.  

1. Clunky leather sandals

Summer man's sandals

Get rid of these outdated sandals. | iStock.com/alarich

These types of shoes may seem like the best of both worlds, but you can’t have it both ways. Either choose between slip-on loafers or sandals. These clunky leather shoes (if you can really consider them sandals) should be banned from public display for the sake of those around you. They’re dated and really unflattering, so get some new sandals that make your feet look great.

2. Checkered shorts

shorts isolated over white

Checkered shorts are a huge no. | iStock.com/demidoffaleks

In the early 2000s, men got away with wearing all kinds of long, patterned shorts, but that disastrous fashion era has come to a definitive end. If you’re still holding onto any kind of checkered shorts, it’s time to say goodbye. Not only is this extra-long cut unflattering because it makes your calf look extremely short, but the pattern is also way too busy. Stick to solid colors for shorts, and make sure they hit no lower than the knee.

3. Crocs

Green Garden Clogs

We wish these never happened to begin with. | iStock.com/clovercity

No matter how comfortable these waterproof shoes may be for mowing the lawn or watering your garden, there’s no excuse for wearing something so heinous — even when you’re home alone. Grown men shouldn’t be wearing neon, rubber, porous slip-ons, so these need to be discarded immediately (The Men’s Fashion Guide completely agrees). If you’re going to be spending time on a boat or beach, there are far more appropriate and stylish water-friendly shoe options.

4. Cargo pants

hikers walking in forest

Hiking is one of the few times when cargo pants are appropriate. | iStock.com/michaeljung

Cargo pants are meant to be functional. If you work in construction, serve in the military, or have an outdoorsy line of work, you should continue wearing cargo pants on a daily basis. That being said, if your profession does not fall into any of these categories, you have no reason to be wearing beige, baggy pants. We’ll admit they’re comfortable and the countless pockets come in handy, but wearing cargo pants in public is still a crime against fashion. After you throw these out of your closet, find a pair of nicely tailored trousers, which are far more suitable and make a lasting, positive impression.

5. Skater sneakers

boy on the board

If you aren’t a skater, don’t wear these. | iStock.com/ Apriori1

Many men hold onto their old, tattered sneakers because they seem to get more comfortable with age. They’re also so wide that you never need to tie or untie them, so they effectively turn into laced slip-ons. But they’re not cool, edgy, or rebellious. The best favor you can do for yourself is to get these out of your closet immediately, and instead invest in some crisp, white sneakers to sharpen your look. 

6. Frat tanks

young man holding rugby ball

Don’ make the mistake of looking too young. | iStock.com/Viktor_Gladkov

It’s difficult to let go of your glory days, but it’s wiser to keep the memories with photos or other items you don’t wear. Frat tanks in particular are an obnoxious turn-off. It’s great that you still value your brotherhood bond, but you don’t need to wear your chapter symbol on your chest as a grown man to prove this. If you’re aiming to show off your arms, a fitted T-shirt or button-up can do the job in a more mature, put-together way.

7. Fedoras

young man talking on the phone

A fedora often just looks silly. | iStock.com/DragonImages

Unless your name is Jason Mraz, your fedora needs to go. When paired with a suit, you may feel like a powerful mafia man from the prohibition era. Unfortunately, those around you aren’t going to see you in the same influential light. To most people, fedoras just look like you’re trying too hard. If you’re a true hat fan, opt for a wide-brim felt hat instead. They’re more modern and actually protect you from the sun.