People Are Roasting Ivanka Trump Amid Uproar Over Her Father’s Policies on Immigrant Children, and They’re Not Wrong

First daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been roasted by a comedian on Twitter amid her father, President Donald Trump’s decision to separate children from parents at the country’s US-Mexico border, according to Marie Claire. A gown Ivanka wore in 2017 has been compared to blankets used by immigrant children. Keep reading to learn about the past controversy surrounding Ivanka’s gown and why Ivanka’s critics aren’t wrong.

Ivanka wore the gown in January 2017

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner

Ivanka Trump and husband, Jared Kushner | Ivanka Trump via Twitter

In January 2017, Ivanka posted a photo of herself and her husband, Jared Kushner, in formal attire — he wore a tuxedo, she a floor-length gown — the same day her father, Donald Trump, announced the “Muslim ban,” according to Marie Claire.

Ivanka ridiculed at the time for outfit and picture

After she shared the snapshot, people criticized Ivanka for the photo and her outfit. Ivanka wore a silver gown by Carolina Herrera, which cost $5,000, according to Marie Claire. She posted the photo the same night airports were conducting a “travel ban.”

“Once again, the dress is serving as a symbol of the first daughter’s detachment from the harrowing effects of her administration,” according to Marie Claire. Ivanka Trump is a senior advisor to the president.

In the past, Ivanka’s claimed she supports human and women’s rights but has remained silent on issues, which has incited futher criticism.

‘Who wore it better?’

Ivanka trump children immigrant

‘Who wore it better?’ | Orli Matlow via Twitter

Since parents have been separated from their children at the border, Ivanka’s outfit choice has once again come under fire. Comedian, Orli Matlow, tweeted a side-by-side photo of Ivanka in her silver gown next to a picture of immigrant children using silver blankets. Judging from the photograph, the silver blankets appear remarkably similar to the silver gown.

Matlow tweeted, “Who wore it better: Children detained in McAllen, Texas or Ivanka Trump.” Since Matlow’s tweet, Twitter users have shared similar tweets in which they roasted Ivanka Trump. Here are a few of the tweets comparing Ivanka’s dress to blankets used by immigrants.

‘Ivanka 2018 Complicit collection’

A tweet by Handbags At Dawn, showed Ivanka in the same gown next to an image of a little girl with a silver blanket over her shoulders. The tweet read, “Who wore it better? Is the Mylar blanket from the Ivanka 2018 Complicit collection?”

A White House correspondent replied

Maggie Haberman, a White House correspondent for The New York Times, replied to the tweet shared by Handbags at Dawn. “What Trump said about @IvankaTrump in the Hill meeting – that she came to him and said “Daddy, what are we doing about this?” Trump said it’s a “tough issue,” pivoted to something else.”

Another Twitter user joked Ivanka donated the gown

Twitter user, WTF Trump, shared the same image of children using silver blankets and captioned the photo with the following: “@IvankaTrump So nice of you to donate that silver dress of yours to help keep the refugee children your father imprisoned warm. Your kids must be SO proud of you.”

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