Go for Perfect Fit: The Only Style Rule You Need to Know


The perfect fit is what makes a suit truly look amazing | iStock.com

As a devoted lover of fashion, with it being a pastime of mine, and living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City, I have been privy to the high-fashion street runways. No magazine can express or truly capture the everyday realness of fashion, as it has to be made functional. It rings true for women’s clothing styles, and rings even more true for men’s clothing styles. Of all my fashion travels, personal taste, magazine suggestions, and knowing what looks good on men, one style rule holds steadfast and true (and will always hold steadfast and true): You must find the perfect fit. Although there are so many aspects that contribute to great style and achieving that put-together look, including color coordination, without the perfect fit and well-tailored clothing, everything else means nothing.

Although guys notoriously don’t care about fit because they like to wear what’s comfortable — and I’m not saying you shouldn’t be comfortable — it’s important to wear clothes that truly fit, and dress for what your body is right now, no matter what.

Clothes that are flowy and baggy will never work; they give off an air of not caring, whatsoever, and send the wrong signal to the people around you. It’s true that fashion and the way you look should be done for you and to make you happy, but in our competitive, dog-eat-dog world, why not be ahead of the food chain and competition by accentuating your handsomeness with a nice fitting outfit?

Getting a suit

Getting a suit tailored is often the only way to get a perfect fit | iStock.com

When shopping for clothes, realize each store’s sizes are different, so you need to try on clothes before you buy them. When you buy a suit, make sure you get it tailored for your body type, whatever that may be. Find a tailor and get to know him or her. Never wear a suit off the rack — nothing is worse than an ill-fitting suit with extra-long sleeves. Wait, yes, there is something worse than an ill-fitting suit: baggy pants. And don’t be too shy to ask for a second opinion when it comes to your clothes.

Start to edit out the clothes in your closet and toss (or wear when you lounge with no one around) your baggy clothing. How do you know it’s baggy, you ask? Pants will be a few inches too big and too long, and your shirts will look like you don’t have a body — that it’s hidden under fabric.

Your casual clothes need to fit well too, even if it’s a pair of sweatpants.

Keep this motto in mind when dressing for the day, no matter what type of day you’ll be having: Fit is everything.