6 Pieces of Fall Outerwear No Woman Should Be Without

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year; the leaves are changing, there’s a crisp coolness in the air; and the fashion is cozy and rich. But, just like fashion, Mother Nature herself can be quite finicky. And, fall in many parts can be known as an in-between season when it comes to weather temperatures.

Thus, it can also be a tricky time when it comes to dressing for the season. Chilly fall mornings yield to delightfully breezy patio weather in the afternoons. But what’s a fashion girl to don for a bit of warmth when it’s not cold enough for a coat?

Here are six suggestions for style-forward fall outerwear that will get you through the changing seasons.

1. Denim jacket

denim jacket, outerwear

Zadig & Voltaire Kioky Authentic Denim Jacket | Shopbop.com

If you don’t own a solid denim jacket, now is the time to change that situation. It is a great piece for the in-between seasons, as it easily transitions from balmier days to brisker nights. If you invest in the right one without too many trendy (and unnecessary) bells and whistles, it also is a timeless fashion staple that will liven up most any street style look for years to come. A bit of fading and shredding is okay, though, to give the jean jacket a bit of character. Just don’t go overboard. The Zadig & Voltaire Kioky Authentic Denim Jacket is a good example; it has a cool-girl, worn-in look, yet it’s still not too casual to be wearable over a dress.

2. Cape

cape, outerwear, faux fur

ASOS Cape with faux fur lapel collar | ASOS.com

Capes are currently the hottest kid on the outerwear block, and it doesn’t surprise us one bit. After all, who wouldn’t want to put a bit of a modern spin on Wonder Woman in their wardrobe. Plus, capes come equipped with plenty of super powers, the first of which being, they are quite functional. They shield from the cooler air without being overly heavy, meaning they serve well as a lighter, fall weather option than a full coat. Some varieties can effortlessly be worn both inside and outside. Plus, a cape just oozes fashion-forward edge. They come in all shapes and sizes. With the ASOS Cape with faux fur lapel collar, you can wear another one of the season’s hottest trends — fur — without waiting until it’s cold enough for said fur. After all, it’s always the right season to be a superhero.

3. Blanket cape

cape, outerwear

Suncoo Edna Cape Cross Stitch Coat | ASOS.com

A variation on the cape, the blanket cape is a cozier take on its sartorial counterpart. It really is as it sounds — a relaxed piece of outerwear that simply looks like you threw a blanket over your shoulders in the most stylish way possible. And, just like your favorite blanket, this cape is sure to keep you warm on a brisk night. The Suncoo Edna Cape Cross Stitch Coat is a prime example with clean, minimalist lines, a relaxed yet refined fit, and stitched trim detail.

4. Suede jacket

outerwear, suede jacket

Club Monaco Rayah Suede Jacket | Club Monaco

Smooth and timeless, suede is a shoo-in no matter the season. It looks luxe enough for the richness of fall yet easily finds its place under the sun as cooler nights transition to warmer days. We especially love suede with an edge, so something like the Club Monaco Rayah Suede Jacket is a natural. Modern meets timeless in this sumptuous rendition of the cropped moto jacket that’s finished with luxe details at every turn, starting with its signature sterling color.

5. Cropped jacket

cropped jacket, outerwear

Opening Ceremony Black Cropped Platt Jacket | Ssense.com

Not only does a cropped jacket have an immediate cool-girl charm, it is an ideal piece for all those in-between weather patterns. Plus, the slightly shrunken silhouette is relevantly on-trend without being too trendy — and perfectly suited to both jeans and a cocktail dress. Try one like Opening Ceremony’s black cropped platt jacket on for size. The large buttons and lapel collar give it plenty of personality while the black hue keeps it classic.

6. Structured blazer

Laveer Kadette double-breasted blazer

Laveer Kadette double-breasted blazer | Shopbop.com

Did we save the best for last? Well, that’s for you to decide. But, we certainly saved the most versatile for last. A structured blazer is good any day of the week, and 365 nights a year. From corporate meeting to cocktail party and back again, this little wardrobe wonder is always in style. And, of course, it’s perfect to throw on for when it’s not cold enough for a coat but you’re still craving a bit of warm coverage. For extra wow factor, go for one in a statement color such as the Laveer Kadette double-breasted blazer with an angular hem. It’s an eclectic mix of minimalist, mannish, and feminine, which is to say, it’s just the right fit.