Plus-Size Women: 7 Types of Clothes That Flatter a Full Figure

Flaunt what you’ve got — in good taste, of course — is a rule that applies to any shape or size. However, if you have a fuller figure, there are certain styles that will give an extra boost to your rockin’ bod, ensuring you’re strutting out your silhouette to its full potential. Make sure you have these seven types of figure-flattering clothing in your closet, and you’ll be dressed to impress in no time flat.

1. Black clothing

confident overweight woman

Black is always a good option. |

The age-old rule still holds true. The color black is the ultimate slenderizing shade. No matter the outfit — from tuxedo pants to that LBD and even black jeans and a tee — black has your back and will do your figure plenty of favors.

2. Dark wash jeans

jeans stacked in a pile

Darker is better when it comes to denim. |

Just like wearing black can be slimming, so too can a darker wash on a pair of jeans. They generally look better on curvier frames because they hide any problem areas that lighter washes can literally bring to light. And, when it comes to all that trendy fading and whiskering that’s common on jeans, proceed with caution. That decorative distressing draws attention to hips, which may be undesirable. Also, when shopping for denim, a bit of stretch does wonders for a fuller figure.

3. Waist-cinching silhouettes

surprised beautiful woman in a red dress

A cinched waist is very flattering. |

The waist area should always be well-defined, as a cinched-in midsection is always flattering. It creates or enhances an hourglass silhouette, which is a key to maximizing those womanly curves. Defining the waist can be as simple as adding a belt (just make sure it’s not a super-wide one) or looking for pieces with details such as ruching or beading at the waist. Certain types of wrap dresses that nip in at the waist and skim the rest of the body can also be a good fit.

4. Décolletage dresses

woman with long blond hair

Showing a little bit of skin is a good thing. |

When outfitting your body type, it’s all about highlighting your assets. Fuller-figured women can put their curves to work for them in a dress that shows off the décolletage area. It’s a sultry, statement-making look that doesn’t cross the line into being too provocative. Plus, showing some skin up top directs the eye upwards to create a vertical, slimming effect while directing attention away from any bottom-heaviness. The same rule applies to shirts, too.

5. A-line skirts

woman retro styling wearing polka dot skirt

A-line skirts are simple and look great. |

For those who carry more of their weight on the bottom half of their body, an A-line skirt is an A-plus option to wear. The clean, simple cut of the skirt nips in at the waist and then glides over the hips to hit just below the knee, thereby creating the illusion of a balanced, hourglass proportion. Just make sure to tuck in a fitted shirt or well-tailored blouse to maximize the effect of the silhouette. Otherwise, wearing a long shirt that falls below the waistband may have the reverse effect, widening the torso and hip area.

6. Tailored pieces

Plus size black woman wearing glasses

Go for a fitted jacket. |

While fuller-figured women may gravitate toward looser, caftan-style silhouettes, all that boxiness won’t maximize the body’s shape to its fullest potential. Tailored pieces, including fitted button-up shirts, structured single-button jackets, and straight-leg trousers should all be considered. A bit of androgyny provides a sultry juxtaposition to those curves!

7. Shapewear

Blue bikini Underwear

Shapewear is a smart choice for all women. |

Of course, no list of figure-flattering clothing would be complete without the glories of shapewear. While it can be an asset to figures of any shape and size, fuller frames will see will definitely benefit from this investment. Shapewear shouldn’t be seen as the method to make you three sizes smaller. Rather, its purpose is to minimize lumps and bumps, creating a smooth foundation. These body-slimmers come in all shapes and varieties — from high-waist biker shorts, to bodysuits, tights, and bras. This means there’s literally one for every body, and every outfit.

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