4 Products Missing From Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Winter is here, and everyone’s doing what they can to withstand the season. While piling on your chunky sweaters, insulated jackets, and thick-soled winter boots is a no-brainer, winter is also the time to rethink your skin care routine. The dry and cold air can wreak havoc on your skin, and those lightweight creams and cleansers you used in the summer will barely help. “Our skin is very susceptible to changes in the environment,” said Gina Maisano, founder and CEO of Bétèrre Skin+Care. “Hot, humid days are nowhere as drying as cold winds and the dry heat inside our homes.” Luckily, your skin doesn’t have to suffer for the next few months. Below, we rounded up four things you need to add to your winter skin care routine.

1. Heavy moisturizer

Woman applying moisturizer cream in front of mirror

Woman applying cream  | iStock.com

If you want silky skin all year round, you should invest in a quality moisturizer. “You can protect the skin on your face and body and it pays off in the long run by providing you a soft, supple, and healthy glow,” Maisano said. While a lightweight moisturizer is perfect for the spring and summer — nobody wants to slather on a thick cream during a heat wave and and, consequently, clog their pores — it’s important to look for a heavier formula for winter.

For a product that will keep your skin nourished but won’t be too heavy, Maisano recommends a toxin-free formula that’s packed with natural ingredients. According to her, Bétèrre’s Salve-a-Tion is incredibly hydrating but won’t leave your skin feeling oily afterward.

2. Serum

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Serum should be your secret weapon | iStock.com

When it comes to your winter skin care routine, more layers are preferred. And while you may be familiar with moisturizers, adding a serum to your skin care repertoire is just as important. According to Into the Gloss, serums are usually made up of smaller molecules, so they can penetrate the skin more efficiently and deliver a high level of active ingredients.

And serums can prove extra useful for cold weather. “Scientifically botanical serums keep skin balanced and cared for during the harsh winter months,” Maisano explained. For the best results, apply serum after you wash your face but before your slather on your moisturizer. Since serums seep into your skin, it’s especially important you find one with clean, natural ingredients — Maisano says to look out for hydrating components like jojoba and aloe as well as peptides, amino, and hyaluronic acids.

3. Lip balm

An employee checks Nivea lip balm sticks on March 2, 2010 at the Beiersdorf headquarters in Hamburg, northern Germany, where the world famous cream is produced. Beiersdorf presents its annual results 2009 on March 4, 2010. AFP PHOTO DDP/ PHILIPP GUELLAND GERMANY OUT

Lip balm is a winter must-have | PHILIPP GUELLAND/AFP/Getty Images

Let’s be honest: Nothing can ruin your winter quite like chapped lips. Dandruff and dry, flaky skin are troublesome, though you can easily pick up some special shampoo or a long-sleeved sweater. But chapped lips? Everyone from your colleagues to your significant other will take notice, plus a severe crack can be particularly painful whenever you open your mouth. There are tons of balms to choose from, but if you’re looking for a multipurpose option, coconut oil may do the trick. The Huffington Post reports, unlike water-based moisturizers, which tend to dry out your skin, coconut oil provides deep hydration for your hair, skin, and lips.

4. Acne treatment

girl checking her face for pimple in mirror

Woman examining her face for acne | iStock.com

Whether you’re plagued with acne or rarely have any blemishes, winter can bring the worst out the worst. As we’ve said before, dry and humid climates will cause your skin to break out. When your skin is incredibly dry, as it tends to be in the winter, your body will try to make up for the lack of moisture by creating more sebum (aka oil). More times than not, it leads to sporadic pimples. It’s important to wash your face regularly and use toner to wipe off any dead skin cells, but adding an acne spot treatment is even more helpful. This season, keep a clear acne solution on hand so if you feel an incoming pimple, you can dab the treatment on to keep your skin looking clear.