5 Products Most Men Don’t Know They Need

Listen up, gentlemen: Using only body wash and shaving cream in your grooming routine is not the secret formula to perpetual handsomeness and soft skin. If you are a quick wash-and-go type of guy, it’s time to consider changing your routine by adding different products.

David Pirrotta, owner of David Pirrotta Brands, a grooming industry leader who represents beauty brands like Grown Alchemist, spoke to The Cheat Sheet and summed up men’s grooming routine tips perfectly. “Give everything a try. Don’t think eye cream is for you? Maybe you’ll love it. Still washing your hair with bar soap, time to grow up. Be adventurous with grooming . Your routine can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.” He adds, “There are no rules!” It’s time to give these five products that you never thought you needed a try.

1. Anti-aging eye cream

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The skin around your eyes is every delicate and can be the first to show signs of aging. Why would you neglect this most intoxicating area of your face? Grown Alchemist’s Age-Repair Eye Cream: Tetra-Peptide & Centella is your go-to. It’s formulated to improve the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity around the eye. As a bonus, Pirrotta also suggests Grown Alchemist’s Polishing Facial Exfoliant to add extra brightness to your face. “It’s gentle and essential for removing dead skin cells and promoting circulation of the skin. Which doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to keep that youthful glow,” Pirrotta said.

2. Scent-free antiperspirant

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If your high school locker room teaches you anything, it’s that scented antiperspirants and sweat do not mix well. Not to mention the fact that it will cancel out any nice cologne you’re wearing. Juniper Ridge’s Siskiyou R&D Deodorant is a premium, organic, completely natural, personal deodorant using only wild, native perfumes. Not only will you be avoiding sweat stains, but you’ll also feel good about using a green product.

3. Salt spray

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The one thing you probably don’t skimp on is your hair because you know above all else that it’s the first thing that people notice about you especially if you have a nice thick head of hair. Many of the products you use, like pomades, waxes, or creams, can weigh your hair down, and if you have some male-pattern baldness, it can make it even more apparent. Instead, start using a salt spray in your hair, which won’t plaster your hair to your head. Try SACHAJUAN’s Ocean Mist, which protects your thinning hair from damage and makes you look like you’ve spent the morning catching waves, not the bus to work.

4. Face oil

face oil

Face oil | Barneys New York

Gentlemen, this is a PSA: You probably need face oil. Nick Benson and Matthew Woodward of Gentleman’s Brand Co. recommend using their Gentleman’s Brand Co. Face Oil after washing or exfoliating. The face oil is a blend of four organic essential oils and is enriched with natural vitamin E. It’s a fast-absorbing, nourishing oil that maintains the skin’s elasticity, hydration, and repair.

Since the women’s market has been exploring oils for years, it’s time for these products to be incorporated into men’s grooming routines. Benson and Woodward tell us that maintaining skin health is about keeping the balance of natural oil production — not too dry, not too oily. This nourishing face oil is a great way to keep that balance. This product can be easily incorporated into any man’s current regimen by simply massaging a few drops into his face morning and night after washing. Once the oil is absorbed, he can then apply a light moisturizer or sunscreen.

5. Beard oil

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It’s time you learned to properly care for your beard | iStock.com

If you’re a guy who keeps up with the bearded trend, chances are you’ve had one, currently have one, or are currently growing one as we speak. It’s not good enough to shampoo and condition your facial hair, you need a little bit more. All bearded men look a little better with some beard oil in their facial hair. Beardbrand’s Temple Smoke Beard Oil is your answer. It has a scented deep, warm musk with an earthy appeal that won’t leave your beard greasy or weigh it down.