Dandruff? 8 Products to Improve Your Scalp

It’s not always easy to figure out why your hair is being problematic. To get to the root of your hair issue, sometimes you have to use your head. Unmanageable hair can be the result of having an unhealthy scalp. But whether oiliness, dryness, flaking, or even baldness is your problem, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with the right products and tools.

1. Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff system | Amazon

When you shake your head, it doesn’t resemble a snow globe, but perhaps you have a bit of dandruff or some itchiness or dryness. The only product you might need to use is Head & Shoulders. The 2-in-1 formula combines shampoo and conditioner, allowing you to clear up a relatively minor problem in one easy step.

2. Boar bristle brush

Spornette DeVille bristle brush

Spornette DeVille bristle brush | Amazon

For a healthy scalp, it’s always a good idea to start with proper tools like a boar bristle brush. Boar bristle brushes are made from (you guessed it) the hair of a boar (generally farm-raised). This specific type of hairbrush is designed to stimulate the blood flow to your scalp. Stimulating that blood flow promotes hair growth. Boar bristle brushes also naturally condition your hair by bringing oil from your roots to your ends. Additionally, this reduces frizz, which can potentially eliminate the need to use anti-frizz products like silicones. It’s important to only use a brush that is made of 100% boar bristles and not synthetics like nylon. While there are many brands of boar bristle brushes out there, Spornette DeVille makes one that is both affordable and effective.

3. Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo

Neutrogena T/Gel

Neutrogena T/Gel | Amazon

If your scalp issues are more than minor, like moderate dandruff, psoriasis, or even seborrheic dermatitis, it might be time to consider a medicated product like Neutrogena T/Gel. The active ingredient of the shampoo is Neutar, which has been FDA-approved to treat scalp conditions. That should be proof enough that this stuff actually works.

4. Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner

Philip Kingsley scalp toner

Philip Kingsley scalp toner | Amazon

Renowned British trichologist Phillip Kingsley has an entire line specifically designed to improve scalp health. One of the most popular products is Kingsley’s Scalp Toner, which is a treatment that is applied directly to the scalp. The water-based, leave-in formula stimulates the blood supply, soothes irritation, absorbs excess oil, and prevents flaking.

5. Phyto Phytocédrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo

Phytocedrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo

Phytocedrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo | Amazon

Oil can be almost as challenging a problem as dryness. Greasy hair and a nearly reflective scalp can be very embarrassing. The key to fixing this is a sebum-regulating shampoo such as Phytocédrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo. Containing ingredients like lemon oil, nettle, and soy protein, it cleanses the hair without stimulating the sebaceous glands.

6. Rogaine Extra Strength Topical Solution

Men's Rogaine Extra Strength

Men’s Rogaine Extra Strength | Rogaine

All men know what the worst scalp problem really is: baldness. Rogaine is a solution that has been around probably for longer than you have, and that’s because it actually works. The active ingredient is FDA-approved minoxidil, which treats hair loss by increasing the size of the follicle. This product is also very easy to use. All you do is apply two drops of the liquid directly to your scalp in the areas that are looking a little sparse, every day, twice a day.

7. Viviscal

Viviscal | Amazon

Sometimes hair and scalp problems can be caused by a lack of vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Using topical products isn’t the only method to improve scalp health. Viviscal Man is a vitamin you can take every day, which nourishes your scalp and hair from within. Specifically formulated to combat male pattern baldness, it contains vitamin C, zinc, horsetail (stem) extract and flax seed extract. While it’s hard to say something is a “miracle,” the reviews reveal many happy, hairy customers.

8. Yogurt

Source: Thinkstock

Yogurt does your hair good | Thinkstock

Want another product to try? Bring a container of unsweetened yogurt into the shower with you and apply it to your wet hair, writes PopSugar. Let the mixture sit and soak in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it out. The active cultures in yogurt can not only help moisturize trouble areas on the scalp, but can also combat itching and general irritation.