5 Reasons Why Men Should Blow Dry Their Hair

You might think that blow drying your hair is adding another unnecessary grooming step to your already overwhelming routine, but think again. The truth is that blow drying your hair, although it might add a couple minutes to your routine, can solve so many of your styling woes and make you realize just how much potential your hair actually has. Here’s what a good blow dry does for your hair and your confidence.

1. It forces you to streamline your grooming routine

a man blow drying his hair

Blow drying your hair will get you into more of a routine.| iStock.com

When you first start using a blow dryer, it can feel a little daunting, but once you get the hang of it and love the results, you will want to budget a little extra time in the morning to do it. Adding another step to an already rushed morning routine might be difficult in the beginning, but it will be worth the extra hassle. It’ll also force you to perfect a morning grooming routine. Pretty soon you’ll have your timing down pat and will be able to fit it all in before you walk out the door in the morning. Plus, you also have the added option of blow drying your hair in the evening and not interrupting your morning routine.

2. It lays the groundwork for styling

Man examining his hair in the mirror | iStock.com

Once your hair is dry, styling is easy. | iStock.com

Grooming guru Eric Neher tells Birchbox that not only is blow drying your hair a great way to de-frizz, but it lays the groundwork for using pomade and hair paste, as these products will only adhere to and shape your hair if it’s completely dry. A quick towel dry is not going to cut it. Think about it this way: If you’re a man who’s into styling his hair with product, using a blow dryer can help you cut down time in your grooming routine. Blow drying your hair can take less than a minute, whereas air drying it can take significantly longer.

3. It gives you the hair you’ve always wanted

beared young man having a hair cut at barbershop

Blow drying can give your hair a needed boost.  | iStock.com

Gentleman, there’s a reason why the women’s hair care industry does so well, why blow outs can cost upward of $50, and why dry bar’s are popping up all over the place: Most women don’t like their natural hair and are willing to put in the extra time (and money) to do something about it.

GQ writer Stephen J. Praetorius explored his skepticism about adding a blow dryer to his hair grooming routine after so many years of air drying his locks. Praetorius believed that there was no way a blow dryer could give him perfectly coiffed locks or fight the genetic card he was dealt, and that it would be too overwhelming and more trouble than it’s worth. He found out that he was oh-so-wrong. He found that after about a three-minute learning curve his hair started to look the way he’d always hoped it would — full, but not frizzy, and neat looking but not overly meticulous. Additionally, he found that his pomades held better.

Conclusion: Even the nicest hair needs a little bit of help. All of those red carpet styles you see on men? No one just looks that good naturally. Welcome to the laboring world of beauty.

4. It straightens your hair

This head of hair is definitely the result of using a blow dryer | Source: iStock

This head of hair is definitely the result of using a blow dryer. | iStock.com

Do you have curly hair but have always wanted straight hair? Well, a lot of those sleek, straight looks you covet require a blow dryer. To straighten your hair, Neher suggests that you start off by working a conditioning prep through damp hair right after the shower to ensure smooth results. Next, part your hair where you want it, grabbing a small round brush, and begin blow drying. Be sure to make long strokes while following the brush closely with the blow dryer, going until it’s fully dry from root to tip. Once it’s dry, use a pomade and just a little hair spray as well. Style with your hands.

5. It increases your confidence

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You’ll look and feel better — trust us.| iStock.com

Liking the way you look results in confidence. Confidence results in getting things done. Ergo, blow drying your hair can do more for you than make you look good. If you feel good, it’ll reflect in your everyday activities — from your job to working out.