Flat Hair? 5 Reasons Why Your Hair Has No Volume

Though models and celebrities on magazine covers always have gorgeous, voluminous hair, the same isn’t necessarily true for the rest of us. Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons why your hair can appear flat. Whether it’s genetic or circumstantial, it’s never a flattering look. Before you get too depressed, though, know there are ways to overcome it.

In order to make your way to great hair, you first have to figure out exactly what the culprit is. That’s where we come in. We’re sharing five reasons why your locks may be falling flat as well as what you can do to remedy the situation. With these pro tips, your hair style will never fall flat again.

1. Grease

woman applying dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a huge help for greasy locks. | iStock.com/LiudmylaSupynska

Grease is often the main culprit when it comes to flat hair. As you go out and about, a combination of the humidity, dirt, and natural oils that your hair produces throughout the day will start to weigh down your locks. Thankfully, it’s is very easy to overcome this issue. The answer is as simple as dry shampoo, which easily absorbs any excess oil. One of our favorites is Detox Dry Shampoo by Drybar. It doesn’t leave any white residue after use, but does offer a wonderful smell. Trust us, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

2. Fine hair

dark-skinned pretty woman tiding up her hair

You might just have to go with a fail-safe ponytail.  | iStock.com/VladimirFLoyd

While it’s much easier to manage fine hair, it comes with its downfalls. Fine hair tends to result in a flatter appearance due to the lack of natural texture. The best way to overcome this? Teasing. In order to get teasing right, you need the right comb. We love this handy dandy Boar Teaser by Sephora Collection. The best part is that the sharp end doubles as a sectioning pick. Just keep it reasonable. You don’t want to end up looking like you belong in an ’80s music video.

3.  Thin hair

Young woman looking at mirror

Having thin hair makes it harder to get the volume you want.| iStock.com/shironosov

Like fine hair, thin hair is usually genetic, but the two are not to be confused. Thin hair is when you have little hair and potentially bald patches, which also results in a flat appearance. For a quick remedy, add density to your hair with detachable hair extensions. Hair Secrets is a good option. Their products include clip-on extensions for when you are on-the-go. We love that they’re removable, so you can take them off to give your real locks a rest. You may also want to consider some more permanent solutions. WebMD says topical solutions can work when used regularly for several months.

4. Styling

woman styling hair with curling iron

Styling tools can cause a lot of damage, resulting in a flat look. | iStock.com

Flat hair can also be a result of bad styling. If you’re using a hair straightener, make sure not to iron all the way to the end of the roots, as this will cause your hair to look flat. If you’ve already straightened, combat the flatness with a bit of teasing and some hairspray. It’s also important to invest in the right tools as they will help you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Women’s Health also says a hair product designed to protect your locks from heat is a must to minimize the amount of damage you do while styling.

5. You’re using the wrong products

woman buying hair spray and shampoo at the store

Make sure you’re using the best products for your hair. | iStock.com/JackF

Are you the person who waltzes into CVS, grabs whatever says shampoo or conditioner on the front, and considers your problem solved? Sorry, but that’s not a good idea. Hair texture plays a big role in what will and won’t work, and you need something tailored to you and your mane.

And it’s not just the products — also pay special attention that you are applying them to your hair correctly. As noted by the hair experts at Philip Kingsley, “[A]pplying conditioner too close to your roots can leave your hair flat, as can using too much of a styling product or not rinsing out your shampoo properly.” Take your time and read the labels — you’ll have voluminous hair in no time.

Additional reporting by Jordan Porter-Woodruff