Here’s Why You Should Buy a Ring Doorbell (and Why You Shouldn’t)

Between Amazon’s Alexa and the Samsung Smart Refrigerator, smart devices are on a mission — or so it seems — to change home life forever. But while not everyone has jumped on board with smart technology inside the home, many see value in outdoor smart devices such as the Ring doorbell.

What does Ring doorbell do

The Ring doorbell is a smart doorbell that notifies homeowners when they have company. That said, it doesn’t just notify with the ring of a bell. Unlike a traditional doorbell, it can send push notifications directly to your phone — whether you’re home or away — acts like a surveillance camera so you can view activity outside your door, and has a two-way talk feature that allows you to interact with visitors.

We review the most enticing Ring doorbell features, plus discuss some key caveats, ahead.

Ring doorbell review

1. Affordability

Despite being one of the most popular smart doorbells on the market, Ring is not the most expensive. In fact, it’s competitive price is viewed as somewhat affordable — given all of its features.

2. Customer service

Another reason to take the plunge and buy a Ring smart doorbell? It has fantastic customer service. “Someone pried the button off my doorbell and I had to interact with Ring customer service for the first time,” wrote one Amazon customer. “I’m upgrading them back to 5 stars because I was so impressed with my interaction,” they concluded.

3. Security

The Ring doorbell’s smart features might be excellent for those that don’t want to get up from the couch (or are avoiding a sales representatives). However, that’s surprisingly not the reason so many have made the switch to a smart doorbell. Thanks to its high-quality camera, motion detection capabilities, two-way talk, and night vision, right offers a 360 degrees security experience that puts your outdoor security cameras to shame.

With Ring, you don’t just receive a notification when someone walks by (or motion is sensed) or rings the doorbell — you can interact with them too. Also, the night vision and motion detector can come in handy for any late-night activity.

4. Compatibility

Unlike other devices and technologies, the Ring doorbell has apps compatible with all devices. You can access your account on the Ring website, or download the app on Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Each app features push notification abilities, so you can know when the smart doorbell detects motion, or if someone rings.

5. Cloud service

In addition to the initial purchase price, Ring requires a monthly subscription for specific features, such as storing video. That said, compared to other subscription plans, the Cloud service is surprisingly affordable. For $3 a month (or $30 for the year), Ring customers can save video footage for later review. This is especially great should you miss a notification or turn them off.

Caveats to consider

1. Theft

Despite it being a security device, Ring doorbell customers have still experienced theft — only it’s the actual doorbell perpetrators are after. While this can be infuriating, Ring has a solution to the problem. If one of their smart doorbells gets stolen, the company will send you a replacement, free of charge! All you have to do is follow these steps.

2. Wi-Fi password

Hackers also have their eyes on your Wi-Fi password. Thanks to a small orange button on the back of Ring’s doorbells — used to connect to your Wi-Fi — hackers can quickly get into your wifi network. However, Ring says it would be tough to perform the hack and customers need not to worry.

3. Internet connection

If you have a slow internet connection, you might not be satisfied with the Ring doorbell. Because of its features, the Ring doorbell requires a reasonably high-speed internet connection to perform correctly.

4. Installation

Another potential downside? Installation. The Ring doorbell has specific power requirements that are not always standard. Because of this, you might have to have a professional install the smart doorbell.

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