7 Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

It’s tough to find the right shade of lipstick to complement each and every one of your uniquely beautiful skin tones. However, when it comes to makeup, particularly lip color, there are some general tips and tricks that can be applied to help you hone in on the perfect pop of color that will enhance your natural beauty. Lucky for you, we’ve broken it down with this handy guide. Let’s get started.

1. Fair skin

Emma Stone

Emma Stone looks great in this pink shade. | Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

If you have very fair skin, like Emma Stone or Julianne Moore, you probably have a pink undertone to your skin. To highlight this beautiful, healthy circulation, you should opt for pink. From dusty-rose to barbie-doll pink to a more daring neon pink, any of these shades are appropriate for you.

2. Light skin

woman holding her finger to her lips, signaling being quiet

Something peachy will pop. | iStock.com

If you have a yellow undertone, your complexion falls under the light skin category. To enhance your natural skin color, try an orange-based tone such as peachy pink, orangey reds, or even a rich, bold poppy orange.

3. Medium skin

Woman with medium skin tone

Choose a color with a blue base. | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

For medium complexions, your natural color might vary from season to season depending on sun exposure, possibly making you tanner in the summer and a little lighter in the winter. You might want to opt for a blue-based color to make your teeth appear whiter and your smile a little brighter. As for the exact color, it’s really up to you.

4. Olive skin

Woman applying lipstick

Choose a rusty red to bring out a healthy glow. | iStock.com

If you have olive skin, like Jessica Alba, then you have a yellowish-green undertone. The perfect lip color for you is rusty red, which will bring out the healthy, bronze glow in your skin all year round. The good news? This shade is the perfect pop of color for any neutral clothing, particularly white, which enhances your tan skin. Two birds, one stone.

5. Caramel skin

Beyonce after performing at the 2014 VMAs

Take your lip cues from Beyoncé. | Mark Davis/Getty Images

For caramel skin tones, like the one and only Queen Bey, bright colors, such as a highly pigmented, vibrant red will do just fine. Subtler shades also work just as well. If you are going with a nude color, make sure to pick out one with a slight yellow undertone for a perfect match. Everyone around you will be envious of the warm, cozy hue.

6. Golden-dark skin

Laverne Cox at the Golden Globes

Try burgundy like Laverne Cox. | Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

For golden-dark skin tones, turn to rich burgundies, which will bring out your features. Feeling adventurous? Try a vampy plum shade for a seductive date night with your sweetheart. Any other blue-based colors will also suit you well. To really make it pop, take a cue from Laverne Cox by sporting your lovely lip shade with a white ensemble.

7. Deep skin

Lupita Nyong'o at an event

Lupita Nyong’o opts for orange. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

For deeper complexions, think of the rich, pigmented reds that remind you of wine. A merlot shade will give you just enough color to complement your gorgeous, dark skin. Lipsticks with blue undertones will also brighten up your smile and bring out the white in your teeth. And don’t be afraid to experiment with various reds, burgundies, and oranges to find your favorite hue. You might as well have fun with it.