Big Stomach? These Shirts Can Hide a Beer Belly

A beer belly can seriously impede your style. It can be hard to confidently rock a look when you feel uncomfortable or as though the shirt doesn’t look quite right. Fortunately, there are a couple of sartorial style tricks that can help you hide your belly. Here are some shirts you’ll look and feel great in.

1. Thin V-neck shirts

man wearing a V-neck top

V-necks have the ability to slim you. | Pixabay

Whether it’s a V-neck shirt or sweater, the V-cut creates the illusion of height for your torso, while at the same time slimming down your frame. As for fabrics, choose V-necks in a thin knit cotton, cashmere, or merino wool, or any other silk-type fabric blends that fit perfectly in the shoulders, arms, and chest, as well as those that sit higher on the waist and hips. Avoid any thick knits at all costs, because they’ll only add more bulk to your belly.

2. Black shirts

Man in black shirt

You can’t go wrong with black.| Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

One of your safest slimming go-tos are black shirts. As with your V-neck shirts, opt for black shirts in thinner knits and make sure your shirts fit you well and are not too tight.

3. Slim-fitting dress shirt

Stacked dress shirts

Not all dress shirts are created equal, so pay attention to how it’s cut. |

This shirt can get a little tricky, and you may have to consult with a tailor on this one. Choose a slim-fitting dress shirt that hugs your shoulders, waist, and chest, and it will instantly give you a slimmer-looking shape. Most men trying to hide a beer gut make the terrible mistake of either wearing their dress shirts so loose that they swim in them or so tight that their buttons snag and pull and threaten to burst open. Also, make sure that when your shirt is tucked in (huge tip here, gents) that it doesn’t blouse out.

4. Smaller prints and vertical stripes

shirt patterns

You can wear stripes, just as long as you’re choosy. |

When you’re rocking a gut, you have to be extra choosy with your prints and stripes because one wrong move can be less than flattering for you. With prints of any kind, opt for ones that are small — but not too small — and spaced further apart so you look slimmer. With stripes, this is where things can get a little messy. First, forget about horizontal and diagonal stripes. Vertical stripes can be worn but only if they’re not spaced too widely apart. Pinstripe shirts, for example, are definitely a go.

5. Play with proportions

Man wearing a white t-shirt

Wear a long T-shirt to hide what’s underneath. |

One of the biggest issues with a beer belly is it draws plenty of attention to your waist. So what can you do? Hide your waist by wearing a slightly longer T-shirt. Playing with the proportions of your clothes can create an illusion, especially if there is a gut hiding underneath. Do yourself another favor and wear slimming pants and maybe even a hoodie for some added style.