6 Shirts You Should Never Wear

We all have some clothing in our closet that we regret purchasing. Whether you haven’t cleaned out your closet in a long time or are holding onto these items in hopes the style will return, it’s time to bid farewell to them — there are some clothing styles you should just never wear. It’s time to eliminate these 6 shirts from your closet.

1. Low-cut shirts or deep V-neck tees

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz wearing a V-neck T-shirt | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for CB2

You’re not Lenny Kravitz, and it’s not OK to have low cut scoop neck shirts or deep v-necks in your closet. No one wants to see your chest hair — outside of the beach. This one may also be too rock and roll for you; we suggest sticking to a normal crew or V-neck shirt to channel the same look without over-sharing your chest hair.

2. Meme or slogan shirts


Pi T-Shirt | Source: Cafe Press

The Huffington Post agrees with us on this one: Slogan shirts or meme shirts, especially those that are telling whoever is reading your shirt to keep calm and … whatever the rest of the shirt says, makes us feel anything but calm. Any sartorially savvy man knows that shirts shouldn’t have words on them, unless they’re band T-shirts. Instead, stick to a plain shirt that says way more than one with words sprawled across the front.

3. The “going out” shirt

group of friends drinking and making toast

A group of friends partying | Source: iStock

The “going out” shirt is the male equivalent of a girl’s “going out” top. If you’re not sure what it is or are unable to identify this one in your closet, it’s the shirt in your wardrobe that makes you think that you look like you’re ready to party. This could be the silk paisley-type shirt with a defined collar — maybe it has pinstripes, or maybe it’s one where you think the color is awesome. It might even be black. No matter which one it is — don’t wear it anymore. You also probably spent way too much money on it, thinking it was adding a dose of swagger to your night-out outfit, but you were oh-so wrong. Your regular shirts are just fine to “go out” in. There’s nothing worse that looking like you tried too hard.

4. The Hawaiian-inspired shirt

Hawaiian shirt

Hawaiian shirt | iStock.com

Although the style has been around for a while, we still say that to be taken seriously in any aspect of your life, you need to ditch the Hawaiian-inspired shirt. It’s the equivalent of looking like you’re constantly on vacation, so we like the idea of the shirt in theory but not so much in real life. You can do so much better with subtle print shirts and oxfords.

5. Anything that’s oversized or too big for you

coach and a trainer standing at a ground

An oversized shirt | iStock.com

If you have any shirts — dress or tee’s — that are way too big on you and not tailored to fit your body shape, then get them out of your closet and give them away. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: One of the most important components to dressing well is having clothes that fit you properly.

6. Anything you cut yourself

cropped shirt

Cropped, cut shirt | MarekRichard Etsy Shop

File this one under the punk-rock phase you went through in the early 2000s. For some reason, you have your old cut-up tees (with holes in them we might add) still lingering around your closet. Please just throw them out.