Shop Thomas Pink: What to Get This Season

With over 90 retail locations, Thomas Pink is one of the most stylish luxury British menswear labels. Its designs are fun with bright patterns and a fearless use of color. While perhaps most famous for its shirts, Thomas Pink also has standout suits, pants, and accessories. Here are our favorites of the season. 

1. Stamford Rugby Jersey


Source: Thomas Pink

Jersey is the fancy British way of saying sweater. Perfect for weekends, the Stamford Rugby Jersey will have you scrumming for joy. Made of a wool and cashmere blend, this grey and white striped sweater is causal, but still polished. The collar and elbow patches are an example of the brand’s attention to detail.

2. Love Bird Print Tie

love bird tie

Source: Thomas Pink

What could be more Thomas Pink than a pink tie? The Love Bird Print Tie is made in Italy of 100% silk. The diamond bird pattern is bright and fun. Wear it with a grey or navy suit and a white shirt to inject a little color into your ensemble. And if Pink is your thing, but pink isn’t your color, this tie is also available in two different shades of blue.

3. Trafalgar Striped Boxer Shorts

boxer shorts

Source: Thomas Pink

Wear Thomas Pink everywhere, even if the rest of the world can’t see it. The Trafalgar Striped Boxer Shorts are made of 100% cotton and have a loose, comfortable fit. They even feature the brand’s fox logo because they’re sly like that.

4. Harper Check Slim Fit Button Cuff Shirt

dress shirt

Source: Thomas Pink

Sometimes plaid is sad or drab, but not Pink’s Harper Check Slim Fit Button Cuff Shirt. This happy navy blue plaid shirt has a hot pink, grey, and red design. A perfect slim fit cut, it won’t be too tight. Bonus: This shirt is machine washable.

5. Coddenham Check Slim Fit Double Cuff Shirt

coddinggam shirt

Source: Thomas Pink

The Coddenham Check Slim Fit Double Cuff Shirt is one of Pink’s signature styles. This bright gingham shirt is available in pink (of course), blue, and lilac. Made of 100% cotton, it has a modern and slim cut. Wearing it with a suit will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

6. Upward Herringbone Suit in grey

Thomas Pink

Source: Thomas Pink

Things will only look up in the Upward Herringbone Suit in grey. This 100% British wool suit is actually sold as separates, so it is an ideal option for men who might have disproportionate pant and jacket sizes. Add one of the brand’s signature shirt and tie combinations, and you’ve got yourself a killer ensemble.

7. Gregory Coat

Source: Thomas Pink

The Gregory Coat is one of the brand’s most unique pieces. This classic design features a bold Italian red velvet collar, which sharply contrasts with the blue of the coat. Made of 100% pure British wool, it features poplin-lined jet pockets and pink piping. This is not the heaviest coat, so keep your Gregory the closet when it snows and take it out on those slightly warmer winter days.

8. Ridell Trousers

riddell pants

Source: Thomas Pink

If you have been looking to wear the boldest pants on the block, than these Ridell Trousers are it. Made of a blend of wool and mohair, these pants are part of the London Collections men’s line. A cigarette fit, featuring brace buttons and side adjustors, there is no need for a belt. The rich color is simply unmistakable.

9. Dinosaur Tie Bar and Cufflinks

tie bar

Source: Thomas Pink

What could be more dynamite than these unique dinosaur accessories? Whether you wish you were a paleontologist or just like to be bold with your fashion choices, don’t miss out on one or both of these accessories. Made of sterling silver, the tie bar is modern and fun. The hand-cast silver cufflinks are playful yet luxurious. Packaged in a cool canister, this also makes a great gift.

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