You’ll Love These Figure-Flattering Dresses That Show Off Your Best Assets

We all want to flaunt our figure’s best assets — from a dazzling décolletage to a lifted-and-toned derriere. To make sure this happens, you need your wardrobe to work for you — and your shape — by enhancing your figure rather than disguising it. When it comes to dresses specifically, consider these 10 styles of figure-flattering dresses to show off your favorite features.

1. Slit dress

Model Maria Vvedenskaya walks the runway at the Anja Gockel show

A side slit provides a leggy and lovely look. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If you want to show off your gorgeous gams, then a high slit is one of the most effective and attention-grabbing ways to do so. Both a front slit in a dress and a side slit work to give those legs their well-deserved starring role. Of course, you don’t have to wear a daring thigh-high slit to make this look work. Even a small slit will provide enough peek-a-boo quality for your pins.

2. Mini dress

young woman in pink mini dress and high heels

Woman wearing a pink mini dress and high heels. |

All the leggy lovelies will find much favor in the mini dress. Now, this isn’t free reign to wear a barely bum-grazing interpretation of this look. A more moderate length will still show off your legs without losing the sophistication factor. Mini dresses are perfect companions to a fall and winter wardrobe, too, when tights or over-the-knee boots moderate the skin-baring nature.

3. Asymmetrical dress

Alice Bellagamba walks on the red carpet

Alice Bellagamba wears an asymmetrical dress. |

An asymmetrical dress highlights sleek, well-toned (and hard-earned) biceps and triceps. You may think a strapless dress is a surefire way to amp up this asset, but it will actually put more attention on your neckline. A one-shoulder style, such as an asymmetrical dress, directs attention upwards, thus framing and complementing the arms. A sleeveless-style dress with an elaborate neckline or ruffles also works well to draw the eye up and out toward the arms.

4. Plunge dress

Beautiful young brunette in a black dress

Take the plunge to highlight your décolletage. |

Take the plunge if you want to debut your best asset, your décolletage — but also take heed. The plunge dress will go from looking chic to cheap if it becomes too revealing. So, if you are especially gifted in the bust department, go for a neckline that doesn’t cut quite as deeply, and make sure you’re wearing a supportive bra. Even a more moderate plunge will still show off your top half while maintaining a sophisticated sense of sultriness.

If you don’t love a plunge dress, then try one with a sweetheart neckline. The sweet style will also draw attention to your décolletage and your collarbone — another sexy asset on a woman — yet the neckline has a more demure look than the plunge.

5. Cutout dress

brunette girl in evening dress smiling

Cutout evening dresses are stylish and sophisticated. |

Strategically placed cutouts in a dress are a surefire way to accent a toned midriff. All it takes are two cutouts on each side of the dress — or right through the upper middle bodice, and a flash of those enviable abs see the light of day. If cutouts aren’t your thing, a two-piece dress can also accomplish the same effect with a cropped top that shows a sliver of midriff paired with a high-waist skirt.

6. Geometric dress

woman wearing blue dress and sunglasses

Strategic geometric paneling enhances an hourglass shape. |

Sometimes a little bit of geometry can make a big difference to showcase your best assets. We all know that vertical lines add length and elongate the frame, but it goes beyond that. To even further enhance a small middle or a shapely butt, use the illusion of shapes and lines that curve or point inward at the waist and outwards again at the hip. They direct the eye in an hourglass shape.

7. Ruched dress

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith attends the 102nd White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith looks lovely in a ruched gown. | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Ruching can be a girl’s best friend when it comes to flaunting what you’ve got. The gathered fabric detail is something between a pleat and a ruffle, but it’s incredibly figure-flattering. A dress that’s ruched at the waist cinches the figure for an hourglass silhouette while ruching along the entire back of a dress adds a voluptuous, derriere-enhancing quality.

8. Wrap dress

Street Style Day 4 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul Autumn/Winter 2016

A wrap dress creates a gorgeous silhouette. | Timur Emek/Getty Images for IMG

A wrap dress with a side tie is the right way to draw attention to your waist and define an hourglass silhouette, which is undoubtedly a figure every woman wants. Wrap dresses generally have a fluidity to their draping or are on the bodycon side, both of which also make the most of those hourglass curves.

9. Bodycon dress

elegant young lady in black dress

Bodycon dresses show off your figure. |

If you’re confident in your silhouette from top to toe and don’t want to choose which asset to highlight, a bodycon dress will pull triple duty in showing off your entire figure. From a beautiful bust to a toned waistline to a sculpted derriere, all are fair game in this silhouette-enhancing stunner. Because of the figure-hugging nature of the dress, it’s especially important to ensure you’re wearing the right shapewear or undergarments so no panty liner or bra lines interrupt the body-beautiful effect.

10. Backless dress

woman in black dress

Backless dresses are great for many occasions. |

The dress may be backless, but it still has your back — in a big way. It shows off your sculpted assets — from your neck and shoulders to your waistline or even hip, depending on how low you go with the scoop. Just make sure you’re wearing the right undergarments. This is where some version of the backless bra will come in very handy. Talk about bringing sexy back.