4 Signs it’s Time to Shave Your Beard

Now that the season’s changing, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with that hefty beard of yours. A new season calls for a facial fuzz makeover. Will you keep it, shorten it, or — gasp — shave it off? To help you decide, we’ve come up with four reasons to consider getting rid of your facial hair.

1. You have something important coming up

Man with beard

It might be time to shave your beard | iStock.com

If you have a job interview or an important event to attend, it may be time to consider trimming a bushy beard or getting rid of it all together — either out of respect or to make a better impression. It takes seven seconds for someone to form an impression of you, meaning it’s important to get it right immediately. A great way to decide whether you should shave your beard for an interview is to use LinkedIn to conduct your research. Simply search for your company on LinkedIn and get a look at what employees of your prospective company look like: Are the men sporting stubble? Are some sporting some hefty hipster facial fur? This should help give you some insight into the company’s culture.

 2. You’ve been rocking a beard for a while

Clean shaven man looking in the mirror

Clean shaven man looking in the mirror | iStock.com

If you’re stuck in a beard rut, it might be time to switch up your look. The nice thing about shaving your facial hair is that if you don’t like your new baby face, your hair will grow back in no time. Who knows? You may love the new clean-shaven you.

3. You’re getting food caught in your beard (and not realizing it)

Man with ornaments in beard

Man with ornaments in beard | Beard Baubles

If your beard is so long that food is getting stuck in it, then it might be time to trim it or get rid of it completely. Also, if you’re avoiding certain types of food altogether, such as honey, for fear it will get stuck in your facial fur, writer Hugh Morris of the Telegraph says shaving it off should be a real consideration.

4. Women prefer you sans beard

a clean shaven man

A clean-shaven man | iStock.com

If you’re trying to attract a mate of the opposite sex, then you may want to consider shaving. Beards get no respect! According to a study from New Zealand and Canada and published in the journal Behavioral Ecology, researchers found that when shown pictures of different men with and without beards, women thought clean-shaven men were significantly more attractive. The reason for this is that the women in the study found men with beards to look significantly older than they really were and much more aggressive. Additionally, the study also found that facial hair was perceived as a key characteristic to masculinity and that bearded men appeared to command respect from other men, but this quality did little to attract women. Interestingly, past research suggests that men with stubble scored high in attractiveness.