5 Signs That You Desperately Need a Style Makeover

Is your wardrobe exhausted? If you feel like you haven’t been shopping since Obama took office, it’s time for a style overhaul. While you probably don’t need to purchase an entire closet’s worth of duds, stocking up on some new pieces will go a long way toward reinvigorating your clothing choices. The right pieces can make you look lean and mean, while the wrong ones will just make you seem sloppy. If you go back and forth about whether things have gotten that bad, we’re sharing five signs that you need a style makeover.

1. Your jeans have holes in them

If you have holes in your jeans, it's a sign you need a style makeover

If you have holes in your jeans, it’s a sign you need a style makeover. | iStock.com

Unless you shopped for the perfect pair of already-distressed denim, it’s time to get some jeans that don’t look like they’re falling apart. Opt for ones that are a darker wash in a slim fit, which are universally flattering. Check out Men’s Health’s list of some of the best pairs of denim for you.

2. You feel no excitement when you look in your closet

dress shirts

Is your closet boring? | iStock.com

Clothing is meant to make you feel good about yourself. If your closet only offers a few eye-catching or high-end pieces, go for some outfits that make you feel more excited about getting dressed for the day. And it’s about more than how snazzy you look to others. Complex explained that dressing well helps boost your confidence, making you feel great all day. Ditch your old, drab clothes, and pick out some fun pieces to amp up your wardrobe.

3. Your partner is sick of the same duds

a couple talking

Listen to your sweetie and make some changes in your closet. | iStock.com

If you’re in a healthy relationship, then your partner wants what’s best for the both of you. Yes, that has to do with your overall health and happiness, but it applies to your wardrobe as well. If they voice their opinion about your lackluster clothes, they’re really just trying to help. Think of it as constructive criticism. They’ll be more than happy to tag along on your shopping trip to help you pick out some new things.

4. Your clothes are too big

Male tailor by shirts hanging from wall

Oversized clothes are completely out of fashion. | iStock.com

Whether it’s from losing weight, picking up the wrong size, or ignoring the importance of tailoring, winding up with clothes designed for someone twice your size isn’t doing your figure any favors. When it comes to good style, fit is more important than anything else. Know that your clothes shouldn’t be so tight that it’s hard to move, nor should they be overly loose like you’re swimming in them. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy something if it doesn’t fit like a glove, it just means you need to find a good tailor.

5. You’re clueless about classics

classic apparel

When in doubt, go the classic route. | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Investing in pieces that are classic, simple, and versatile will not only allow you to justify how much you paid for them, but you’ll also find yourself getting a lot of use out of them. Basics can be mixed and matched with just about anything in your closet, whether you’re going casual or ultra chic. Once you know the essentials, you’ll leave very little room for any major fashion faux pas. Get started with tees, denim, button-down shirts, and a few pieces of outerwear. You’ll look dapper for years to come.