10 Signs You Desperately Need to Revamp Your Makeup Collection

When we talk about beauty, good is the opposite of great. So if you consider your makeup routine average, it’s definitely time to upgrade by stepping up your cosmetic purchases. Makeup is such a personal, artistic expression that you should never settle for a suitable look or collection. Read on to discover the 10 red flags that mean it’s undoubtedly time to make a change.

1. You haven’t changed your routine in years

make up in the street

If you’ve been doing the same routine for decades, it’s time for a change. | iStock.com/michaelpuche

Be honest, have you stuck to the same exact makeup routine for years? Perhaps even decades? If this sounds familiar, we’ll bet it’s time to revamp both your makeup collection and your technique. Give yourself a budget and spend an hour (or two) strolling the aisles at Sephora, then buy the new releases that catch your eye. Afterward, give yourself a beauty education at home by watching YouTube tutorials, like those by blogger Glam Life Guru.

2. The items have been discontinued

Set of decorative cosmetics

Digging for discontinued products is just silly. | iStock.com/misuma

Do you ever find yourself prowling the depths of eBay and Craigslist to find products that have been discontinued? If so, it’s time to let go of that old favorite and swap it for a newer version. We promise that the same shade of lipstick or eye shadow exists elsewhere, you just have to do some digging. The website Temptalia is an excellent resource for comparing similar (or identical) swatches.

3. Your favorite makeup brand no longer exists

Ryeshadow palette in hands of woman

Try a new brand — it’s less scary than you think. | iStock.com/DragonImages

The beauty industry is an endlessly exciting field because there are constantly new makeup brands and product releases popping up. As such, if you’re stuck on an obscure or obsolete brand, it’s definitely time to break out of your comfort zone. If you need a bit of guidance narrowing your findings, check out our list of underrated beauty brands everyone should know about.

4. The names of the products have worn off

Make up tools set messy in girls bag

If you can’t read the labels anymore, your products are far too old. | iStock.com/Ekaterina Aleshinskaya

There’s no shame in loving your makeup to death. Every woman is guilty of breaking a compact’s mirror and losing the accompanying applicator at some point. That being said, if multiple pieces in your collection are so worn that you have no idea what the shade or even brand names are, it’s time to refresh your makeup bag with a few new pieces. Your product’s outer labels are a good indication of the state of their insides as well.

5. Your powders have cracked

Cosmetic products in studio

Cracked powders need to be tossed ASAP. | iStock.com/SanneBerg

Breaking your powdered makeup is a lot like dropping electronics in the water. There’s a very slight chance you’ll be able to repair them, but more often than not, they sadly need to be replaced. So unless you plan on using water to re-blend and fuse it back together, you really ought to just get a new one. This way you can apply the product normally, and you won’t have to worry about it spilling all over your makeup drawer.

6. Your products are expired

Young girl rouging her lips with red lipstick

Yes, makeup really does expire. | iStock.com/YakobchukOlena

Don’t be fooled; no matter how great a product looks when applied, it’s not safe to keep using if it’s expired. It’s easy to hold onto lipsticks for years, especially when the colors are those which you only wear on special occasions. Still, keep an active eye on your products and the dates which they expire. The bacteria and outdated ingredients aren’t worth the risk.

7. You’ve lost the lids

Makeup cosmetics

Please don’t try to create a makeshift lid on your own. | iStock.com/Yuriy_K

We can forgive a single primer without its lid. Life happens, and small pieces can easily get lost while in transit. However, if a majority of your makeup kit is without its other half, it’s definitely time for you to refresh your collection. Lids aren’t just there to make the product look pretty. They serve the important function of keeping your products from spilling, drying out, or becoming covered in bacteria or critters. So if you’re prone to losing the less necessary bits and pieces, it’s time to start treating each half the way you would a pair of earrings — one is no good without the other.

8. You’re sharing with a family member

Female friends do manicure procedures at home

Sharing is not always caring. | iStock.com/fizkes

If you live in a household with multiple women, you’re probably guilty of borrowing each other’s makeup. Whether you need to snag your daughter’s mascara or want to use your sister’s lipstick. However, sometimes sharing isn’t caring. After all, sharing makeup isn’t hygienic (even between relatives), and it’s a quick way to spread germs. Instead of depending on someone else’s makeup, simply buy your own and stick to your complete set.

9. The products aren’t cruelty free

Beautiful black woman removing make up

Do you know how your products are tested? | iStock.com/m-imagephotography

Over the last five years, the beauty industry has made huge strides in creating products that are proudly cruelty-free. Taking that one step further, many brands now prefer to only include organic or vegan ingredients in their formulas. The great news is, cruelty-free products aren’t hard to find. Most major beauty brands like NARS, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills and plenty others have made the moral decision to not test on animals, and your purchases should follow suit.

10. You use all the same products as your mother

Beautiful 40s woman applying makeup

Mom might have known best a few decades ago, but her products need an upgrade. | iStock.com/Eva-Katalin

Most young girls learn about makeup by watching their mothers, so it’s only natural that you might enjoy some of the same products. However, if you notice that your makeup choices are still mirror images of your mom’s, it’s time to branch out and find what suits you best. Even if you’re her spitting image, everyone’s complexion and pigment is unique, so no two makeup bags need be the same.