3 Signs Your Hair Cut Is Not Right For You

You went to the barber and took a risk with trying a new ‘do. You wanted to test out something different and realized as the barber was chopping into your hair that something was incredibly wrong, and you were powerless to stop it. You didn’t want to be rude even as you realized the barber was some real-life reincarnation of Edward Scissorhands. He just seemed a little too scissor happy. As he finished, you realized that he turned your head into some kind of monster — to the point of feeling reluctant to give him a tip. You got a bad hair cut. Though you might try convince yourself you just need to adjust, this isn’t always the case. Here are three big signs that your hair cut isn’t right for you.

1. You don’t look like yourself

Man getting his hair cut

This man looks like he might be concerned about his new hair cut | iStock.com

Even though you wanted to go for a different look, and told your barber that you wanted to go down that road, it just didn’t seem to work out the way you had hoped. Did you have a long conversation with your barber beforehand? If not, it’s important to do so before trying something new, so you can both collaborate on what they can actually give you and what you want. A good cut should compliment your looks and your personality. A bad cut will leave you unrecognizable. Your best bet (next time) is to go for a cut that also frames your face. Hair grows back, fortunately, so you’re just going to have to bite the bullet until it does. Again, it’s happened to the best of us. Don’t feel too bad for wanting to try a trendier ‘do.

 2. People notice you don’t look like yourself

Man Brushing Hair

No amount of combing can hide a hair cut that’s not right for you | iStock.com

Although you shouldn’t ever wear or do anything to please anyone but yourself, if you feel like you’ve gotten a bad cut, another way to tell is if those close to you think so as well. Maybe they won’t say it directly, but someone who loves you will notice and see that you don’t look like yourself. Your hair is a pretty big deal (not to make matters worse), and those who love you the most want you to look like your handsome self.

3. You feel a little less handsome

Man looking at his haircut

Man looking at his haircut | iStock.com

In the same vein of not looking like yourself, you also feel that you don’t look as good as you normally do. For the most part, you’re a pretty confident guy and this cut just makes you feel less so. Usually when you don’t get a good cut, you feel that it affects your overall look. Again, not to worry. It’s only temporary. In the meantime…

Now what?

Bearded man in a barber shop

Time for some damage control | iStock.com

You may just have to chalk it up to the barber, especially if he dropped the ball and simply wasn’t able to execute your plan. Be honest about it, don’t be shy, and speak up, especially if you’re still sitting in the chair. Don’t be rude, just be honest. A hair cut shouldn’t be a traumatizing experience. If you speak up now, they may be able to salvage it.

Hide it: Try wearing a hat or your favorite baseball cap. There is nothing wrong with trying to cover it up until it grows back. Try a hat in a solid color that will not only look stylish but won’t draw attention to your scalp.

Buzz it: If you really hate your cut that much, and you can’t deal with the way it looks and figure you might as well double down, and go all in — then try buzzing it. A good old-fashioned buzz cut. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and end up liking it; it’s super low maintenance.

Live with it: Before going through with the drastic buzz cut, take a breath and ask if your new look is worthy of such a severe reaction. Give yourself a 24-hour cooling period, and then try a little pomade. Here’s some reassurance: At the end of the day, it’s just hair and it grows back quickly, so maybe it’s best to bite the bullet until it does and embrace your ‘do in the meantime.