Here Are the Signs Your Partner Hates the Way You Dress

Good fashion sense isn’t something everyone inherits, and everyone has different thoughts on what solid style is. This means you and your partner might not be on the same page when it comes to your duds. While some people are more discreet than others, your sweetie may be secretly trying to tell you something about the way you dress. Wondering if your partner likes your look? Check out these subtle (or not so subtle) signs that your partner doesn’t care for your wardrobe.

1. Sometimes your clothes magically disappear

Here are some signs that your partner doesn't like the way you dress

Does space just seem to open up in your closet? |

Menswear personal stylist Kristina Zias writes in Thought Catalog that some partners use this tactic by first introducing new items, then slowly removing the ones they don’t like. It’s a way for your significant other to help clean out your closet to make room for some newer, fashionable duds. While this may drive you a little bit bonkers, it might help your sartorial savviness in the long run.

2. Your partner tends to pick your outfit for events

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Are they the personal shopper you never asked for? |

Here’s a pretty common scenario: You and your partner are set to attend an event or a family function that requires you to dress up nicely, like a wedding or a dressy work event. When the occasion calls for dressing up, your partner jumps at the chance to dress you properly. They are not passive-aggressive about it, in fact they’re excited and encouraging, but you find that your partner is a little too excited to figure out what you should wear. Interestingly, The Telegraph reports researchers have discovered two-thirds of British men rely on their girlfriends or wives to dress them, especially when it comes to ties and suiting.

3. Your partner goes overboard with complimenting a particular outfit

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Your partner will definitely let you know when you’re wearing something they like. |

If your significant other knows what looks good on you, they get excited when they finally see you in one particular outfit and are not hesitant to throw out compliments. This particular outfit might be the most well-fitting and sartorially simple outfit you own. There’s a lot of beauty in simplicity, and your partner probably knows that.

4. Your partner makes it a point to shop for you

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Do their shopping trips always end up with something extra for you? |

If your partner comes back from a shopping excursion with a few items they feel would look perfect on you, they may be trying to hint that they don’t like the way you dress or, at the very least, suggesting your wardrobe needs a little updating. If you then find your partner noting that these items would be perfect replacements for other apparel in your closet, that’s a definite red flag that they’re trying to give you a style boost.

5. They look uncomfortable with you in public

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Their discomfort may be from your fashion. |

Does your partner look a little bit more than just preoccupied while you walk down the street together? If you feel like they’d rather be standing next to someone else, this could be a red flag. Your partner clearly isn’t a fan of your fashion sense if they constantly try to keep you inside or act distant while you two are out in public. They may not know how to tell you, but body language can certainly pinpoint a lot.

Additional reporting by Jordan Porter-Woodruff