6 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Do you look at yourself in the mirror after getting dressed and think “meh”? Are your outfits not worthy of being called ensembles? Are you over everything in your closet but can’t replace your entire wardrobe? It’s OK. There are simple ways to upgrade your look using items you may already have as well as integrating some new pieces into your wardrobe. A little bit of creativity and an open mind can take your wardrobe from drab to dapper with just a few small changes.

1. Go shopping in your closet

a man's wardrobe

Is there anything in your closet you would buy again? | iStock.com

Do you find you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? Then it’s time to re-evaluate what you wear. Go to your closet. Inspect every hanger, and rediscover what you aren’t wearing. If you bought something, whether it was last week or last year, you probably like the way you looked in it at some point. So why aren’t you wearing that item more often? You’ve probably forgotten about that slick blue sweater or those jeans that make your partner tell you how nice your butt looks. Don’t be afraid to look at what you already have with a new perspective. Lie out your clothes on the bed, then try them on. See if you can coordinate old things in new ways.

2. Make one change

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Small changes can make a huge difference. | iStock.com

Changing something about an outfit can almost make it seem new. Are you sick of your suits? Why not consider new dress shirts? Is it time for new ties? Do you wear the same jeans, T-shirt, and belt all the time? Then change up your belt. Even small or subtle changes can make it feel as if you are wearing something new. Why not add in one trendy item, like ’70s-inspired skinny pants or a textured sweater? Just adding a few new pieces to your current wardrobe can do a lot.

3. Stop shopping at the same stores

shopping bags and clothes

Open up your shopping horizons and try a new store. | iStock.com

Does everything in your closet come from the same three or four stores? Try shopping someplace you don’t normally visit. Look for indie brands and designers. If you are a Bloomingdale’s man, go to Barneys or Neiman Marcus. Search Mr Porter, which carries 380 brands. Discovering your options can even be as easy as a walk through your local mall or shopping district.

4. Use a stylist

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A little advice never hurt anybody. | iStock.com

Trunk Club has clubhouses in Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, and other cities, in addition to online services. Bonobos is an online store with Guideshops that offer stylist services but don’t carry any stock. Instead, you try on samples and can place the order through the website right then and there. There are Bonobos Guideshops located throughout the country, including multiple locations in New York, California, Georgia, Texas, Massachusetts, and Washington State.

5. Invest in new outerwear

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A new coat can really add to your look. | Miquel Benitez/Getty Images

Why not invest in a new jacket or coat? This is a very simple way to add something new to your look.

6. Accessorize

Man wearing sunglasses

Your accessories give your outfit serious character. | iStock.com

Just adding an accessory or two can change your look completely. Add a pocket square and bright tie, or even a bow tie, to that same old suit. Don’t forget about the impact a great hat or scarf can make on your usual jeans and T-shirt. A little bit of accessorizing can go a long way when it comes to upgrading your style.