7 Ways to Simplify Your Summer Beauty Routine

Summer is the time to kick back, relax … and sweat profusely. With all of the awesome perks to summer — like beach vacations and summer Fridays — there are also some not-so-nice beauty challenges, such as caked-up and melting foundation and runny mascara. It’s that time of the year to simplify and tweak your beauty routine to prevent the makeup from melting off your face. It’s not just about wearing sunscreen — though it’s a definite must — it’s also about choosing different products to suit the season, and to help you deal with the inevitable humidity.

Let’s face it ladies, relying on the same makeup tricks you’ve used throughout the year are not going to work so well when you’re facing 100-degree heat in the middle of July. It’s time to invest in products that will give you a similar effect as your normal go-to products but will work well in smoldering temperatures. Here are 7 of the easiest ways to simplify your beauty routine for the hottest days of the year.

1. Promise to lighten up

A woman going through her daily beauty routine

A woman going through her daily beauty routine | Source: iStock

If your regular makeup routine is more complicated than a Sunday New York Times crossword, then it’s time to streamline it — it’s summer after all. The heavy foundation and thick lipstick that you’ve been using all year doesn’t exactly hold up well in the heat. Besides that, dark lipstick doesn’t scream “summer.” Promise yourself that you’re not going to worry about complicated contouring that will smudge after five minutes in the blazing sun. Lighten up your beauty routine and try products that work on multiple features.

2. Double up to protect your skin

While we all know the importance of SPF. In order to maintain your makeup needs, while at the same time protecting yourself from sun damage and wrinkles, you’re going to need to double up and use a product that not only contains sunscreen, but will sub in for your heavy foundation. Switch out your foundation for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that already includes SPF. By choosing a BB cream with adequate UV protection, you’re effectively simplifying and using less product in your summer beauty routine by swapping out three products — foundation, sunscreen and moisturizer — for one. However, if you’re intent on keeping your foundation, be sure to look for sweat-proof, humidity-proof, or waterproof foundations that will stay put.

3. Ditch your lipstick and blush for a lip and cheek duo

Woman putting lipstick

A woman applying lipstick | Source: iStock

When it’s really humid out and the sun is beating down on you, we know you don’t want to deal with the whole makeup situation. Who can think about powdered blush and heavy lipstick at a time when you’re sweating out of almost every orifice of your body? Not us, that’s for sure. Ditch your overly complicated contour palettes and intricate beauty routines for a two-in-one lip and cheek duo balm like Clinique Stick Cheek Colour Balm, which will brighten your face and avoid any cakey feeling. Your lips will feel soft and fresh, and the balm will give your cheeks a subtle flush.

4. Style your hair while you sleep

Summer brings to mind beautiful, carefree locks. It’s the only time of the year when beach hair and bed head is acceptable to rock and can even pass off as chic, with the right outfit of course. Stick to the carefree nature of the season and style your hair while you sleep. A fun little trick to try that will guarantee gorgeous wavy hair in the morning is to sleep in braids. After you’ve towel-dried your hair, braid it any which way and hit the sheets. When you wake up, let them out, give your hair a little shake, and marvel at your stunning do.

5. Choose gels and liquids over powders

brushes on eye shadows

Makeup | Source: iStock

If you’re insistent upon wearing makeup despite the humidity, we give you a lot of credit. That said, it’s important to alter your makeup products so, again, your foundation doesn’t start sliding off your face. Powder formulas can absorb oil, but they have a tendency to go on unevenly and cling to the most oily spots on your face (ahh humidity!). Opt for liquid or gel formulas for all your favorite eyeliners, shadows, foundations, and blushes instead.

6. Use a primer

Lets not forget the most important part of the makeup equation: primer. Primers are brilliant for every day of the year because they help your makeup go on smoothly and keep it in its place. You can even get ones that control oil and shine.

Don’t forget an eye primer as well if you’re planning on wearing liquid shadow. An eye primer is an important part of your makeup bag for the same reason as the one for your face. If you’re prone to creased shadow or have oily skin, apply one before your eyeshadow to keep it in place.

7. Get a waterproof mascara

This is one of the easiest swaps for the season: Swap your regular mascara for waterproof. Even if you don’t plan on spending every free moment in and by the pool or ocean, regular mascara can still migrate down your face thanks to sweat and humidity. To prevent panda eyes, it’s best to go for a waterproof, smudge-proof formula. Why risk that look?

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