5 Sites That Let You Design Your Own Sneakers

Attention, fashionistos: There is a great way for you to express your creativity through your shoes. There are sites, as well as popular athletic brands, that allow you to design your own personalized pair of kicks. The best part? You can show off your artistic creation to the world in a functional way. Here are five of the best sites where you can design your own custom sneakers.


NikeiD customized shoes

NIKEiD customized shoes | NIKEiD

Nike, the world’s leading company in athletic footwear, has its own custom shoe program called NIKEiD where you can customize your sneakers by color and choose your sport. You can customize anything from basketball shoes to track spikes, performance options, and colors to get the perfect kick-ass sneakers. Men, in particular, have more than 100 styles to get creative with.

2. YourReebok

Reebok shoes

Customizable Reebok shoes | Reebok

Unlock your creativity with Reebok’s YourReebok, which has about 30 options for sneaker design. While the program has a smaller range of customizable shapes to choose from compared to Nike, it doesn’t mean your creative design skills are limited. Quite the opposite, because practically every part of the shoe is up for interpretation — from the sole to the laces and the logo. Custom orders usually take three to five weeks to create and deliver.




Though MYSWEAR is a bit pricier, it’s the most unique customization program of the bunch in terms of aesthetics. You can create and design the ultimate shoe, and the service is loved by fashion insiders such as Nick Wooster, men’s streetwear style icon. The way it works is that state of the art 3D modeling technology allows you to see and choose everything from the shape of the sneaker to the laces. The site touts that expert Portuguese artisans craft your creations by hand. Your choices for customization range from the lining to the shoelace, the soles to the eyelets, copper toecaps or uppers crafted from silver alligator skin. This site is definitely for the highly creative type who loves to let his footwear do the talking for him.

4. Vans Customs

Vans shoes

Vans shoes | Vans

Vans will always remind us of our youth. Whether you favor the slip-ons, deck shoes, or skate classics, almost every laid back dude for the past 50 years has rocked a pair of Vans. The shoe brand has left its mark on youth culture and pop culture, so it makes sense that Vans has finally moved into custom footwear with Customs. You can create your own using customized colors and patterns, or you can even buy the creative designs of others.

5. Alive Shoes

Customized shoes

Customized shoes | AliveShoes

AliveShoes has a very unique marketing idea: Not only can you create and design your own sneaker, but you can customize a logo for the sneaker and the packaging. Additionally, you can choose to design your own unique sneaker for yourself, or you can design the sneaker and buy in bulk to resell your design. All customized designs are made in Italy and take four to six weeks to create. AliveShoes gives you the chance to be creative and also make some money in the process. That’s a pretty sweet deal.