Fix Your Most Annoying Hair Problems With These Solutions

If your bad hair days outweigh the good days, it’s time to take control of your ’do and banish your most annoying hair problems. Start loving your locks again with these eight solutions to some of the most common woes we’ve all faced with our tresses. You’re welcome.

1. Frizzy hair

woman drying her wavy hair

Fight the frizz factor with our tips. |

Frizzy hair, don’t care? Yeah, right. The frizz factor may be one of the most common hair problems women face. And humidity only adds insult to injury in many cases. From unruly fly-aways to all-out voluminous, messy frizz, it can all ruin any chance of a good hair day.

To tame the beast, start at the beginning right after a shower. Rather than rubbing vigorously with a towel, pat and scrunch your locks dry with a gentler microfiber towel or T-shirt. Apply a leave-in conditioner, too, which will help combat frizz before it starts. Also, for the females with extreme frizz, use a brush sparingly — especially once hair is dry. It will only exacerbate those issues.

When it comes to additional hair products, a keratin spray can help fill out the hair cuticle and de-frizz. Plus, there are a number of finishing creams and oils that will hydrate and smooth away frizz.

2. Unruly curls

Woman looking at her hair

It’s time to tame those curls. |

Unruly curls might be part and parcel to frizzy hair problems, but they deserve their own category. Because curly hair can dry out easily, products with natural oils are helpful to define and moisturize your coiled strands. Leave-in serums and creams will serve your hair well; you’re looking for strong hold and humidity resistance minus the crunchy effect that mousses and hair sprays can sometimes create. If you have particularly thick curls, a richer hair butter is recommended.

3. Thin or super-fine hair

fashion blonde with stylish short hairstyle

Thin is not in, especially not for hair. |

Hair-thickening mousses and volumizing foams can be your best friend if you have thin hair, especially if you’re trying to achieve any measure of wavy or curly ’do. Here is where that sea salt texturizing spray might also do you a favor, as it will give hair a thicker look and feel. Also, use caution when pulling your hair back into a bun or ponytail — hair breakage is common when you have thin or fine hair. And those elastics can cause additional damage.

4. Oily, greasy hair

Woman is washing her hair

Grease is never a good look. |

Haven’t had a chance to wash your hair lately? Or, simply battling oily-prone hair? Regardless of the root of your oily hair problem, dry shampoo can come to the rescue. It gets rid of greasy roots and helps volumize, too. (This also makes it great for those who have flat hair.) Another way to help fix oily hair is by avoiding playing with your locks too much. Your fingers will spread the oil, which is never a good look.

Also, if you’re consistently facing a greasy hair problem, you may want to reconsider your shampoo and conditioner. The formula may not be right for your unique strands, so it might be time to try a different product line that does a better job of cleansing and cutting through the oil every time you wash.

5. Cowlicks

dark-skinned pretty woman tiding up her hair

A ponytail can help disguise a cowlick. |

At the mere utterance of the word cowlick, you might cowl in fear. But, when it comes to this hair problem, which is basically a rogue section of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest, sometimes the best thing you can do is embrace it rather than fight it. A part or hair cut that works with your cowlick can go a long way toward working with the issue.

If you have a temporary cowlick as a result of sleeping on your hair wrong, then you have two options. First, take a shower and start over again by blow-drying your hair in the direction you want it to go. Or, try to hide the cowlick by applying some mousse and backcombing your hair at the roots, volumizing and smoothing over the section of hair that’s at odds. When all else fails, put your hair in a ponytail and call it a better hair day.

6. Awkward bangs

young woman in portrait

Growing out your bangs can be awkward for a bit. |

Growing bangs out comes with a few awkward stages before you’re home free. Rather than wallow in this annoying hair problem, make it work in your favor by styling every stage with panache. Pin your bangs back on top of your head for a mini pomp-style ’do or swoop them over to one side of your face to follow a deep side part. This is a situation where you’ll also want to use hair accessories to your advantage. Clips, pins, and headbands are going to be your go-to items to get those bangs out of your eyes while they grow out.

Once the bangs get to a certain length just below your eyes, have your stylist start blending them into your hair through face-framing layers. Soon enough those bangs will be but a distant memory.

7. Split ends

Girl is cutting her damaged hair with scissors

Break up with those split ends. |

While the sure solution to split ends is heading to your stylist for a trim, there are some quick fixes that can remedy those unsightly ends in the meantime. First, step away from the heat-styling tools like that flat iron and even the high-heat setting of the blow dryer. Then, apply a treatment serum that helps moisturize and disguise the damage while protecting against further breakage. Even coconut oil can help replenish strands.

8. Roots

hopeful beautiful woman crossing her fingers

Embrace two-tone hair or disguise your roots. |

Your roots are showing! It’s something no girl wants to hear, unless you’re jumping on the ombre hair train. As is the case with split ends, the best way to banish visible roots is a trip to the hair salon. But before you’re able to get to the appointment, know there are some ways to camouflage those roots. Touch-up sprays and root cover-up powders are always good. For girls with darker hair, a little mascara or eye shadow can touch up the color in a pinch, too. Another strategy to hide your roots is by changing the direction of your part or zig-zagging it — sometimes they show less as a result. When all else fails, throw your hair into a braid, a bun, or topknot to draw attention away from any roots you don’t want seeing the light of day.