Speed Up Your iPhone With This iOS 9 Glitch

There are plenty of ways to keep your smartphone running like new, most of which involve some incremental maintenance, like keeping your operating system updated, uninstalling apps that you don’t need anymore, and keeping your storage and home screen clean. Because most of the things that can make a difference in how your smartphone runs require some upkeep, you should usually be suspicious of magic fixes that claim to speed up your iPhone by making a simple change. But as it turns out, there actually is a trick that can make your phone move more quickly.

Jeff Benjamin reports for 9to5Mac that you can make all of the actions on your iPhone move faster by turning off the SpringBoard animations in iOS. Apple offers a way to reduce the animations — which some people dislike for aesthetic reasons and others for health reasons — using the Reduce Motion switch found in the iPhone’s Accessibility settings. But even with that option available, Apple hasn’t offered a way to disable the animations altogether, and Benjamin reports that most of the methods for disabling the animations relied on jailbreaking.

However, what appears to be a glitch in iOS, discovered by a Reddit user, enables you to completely disable the animations until you reboot your iPhone. There are a few simple steps to follow to disable the animations without jailbreaking your iPhone. First, you’ll need to open the Settings app, navigate to General settings, open the Accessibility menu, and turn on Assistive Touch. From there, navigate to the home screen and drag the white Assistive Touch dot to the lower right corner of the screen.

Next, open Spotlight search by swiping down on the home screen. When the Assistive Touch dot rests above the keyboard, tap the screen to dismiss Spotlight. If you time Spotlight to dismiss as soon as the white dot moves to sit above the keyboard — a process that can take some trial and error — you’ll notice that Spotlight search speeds up, indicating that the SpringBoard animations are disabled. If you didn’t time it exactly right, you can try it repeatedly to get the animations turned off.

The animations will stay disabled until you reboot your iPhone. 9to5Mac has successfully tested the glitch on an iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3b6, an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9.0.2., an iPhone 5s running iOS 9.2, and an iPad Pro running iOS 9.3b6. Disabling the animations will increase the speed with which every app loads, and you won’t waste time waiting for apps to load. Many people have noted that the speed improvements feel considerable, even if all you’re doing is getting rid of the animations that iOS loads each time you navigate to an app or the home screen, instead of actually speeding up the process of loading an app.

If you want the animations back, all you need to do is to turn your phone off and back on again, and the animations will return to normal. That also means that if you turn your phone off and want the animations to be disabled when you turn it back on, you’re going to need to complete the process again.

It’s not yet clear why the glitch exists, or, for that matter, why Apple hasn’t offered users a simpler way to disable the app animations, which they can do on OS X. It seems likely that Apple will fix the glitch with one of its upcoming iOS releases, perhaps iOS 9.3, which will also bring a feature called Night Shift, which will shift the color of the light emitted by your iPhone’s display to minimize your night-time exposure to sleep-inhibiting blue light. The update will also enable you to protect your Notes with TouchID, get better personalized stories in News, and more easily find apps to add to your Health dashboard.

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