Sports Tech: 4 Cool Gadgets for Snowboarders and Skiers

Winter is coming and that means one thing: time to hit the slopes! Whether you are a snowboarder or skier, modern technology has advanced even some of the standard accessories used for winter sports. From gloves to goggles, we have gathered a list of the most advanced essentials for this winter. Check out our suggestions below to make your next snow adventure the best yet.

1. NuDown Jacket



Arguably the most essential part to any mountain get-up is the cold-protective jacket. One of the most innovative pieces of outerwear on the market is the NuDown jacket which allows you to control your own warmth. Simply squeeze the in-pocket pump to force air around your torso for added heat. A good rule of thumb is: five pumps for normal activity on a slightly chilly day, 10 pumps for colder conditions, and 15-20 pumps for harsh winter days. The NuDown Jacket even has different designs for men and women so you can customize your insulation in style.

2. Trace: Action Sports Tracker



Trace is like a FitBit and GoPro combined into one but solely designed with snow-sports in mind. This advanced sports tracker reports your speed, airtime, calories burned, and even number of jumps you take. In addition to monitoring your activity, Trace can automatically edit your video. Sync your camera and upload the footage to the Trace Video app and your clips will be organized already for you. Trace has enough battery to last all day since it runs separately from your phone. Just use your phone at the end of your run to check your stats.

3. Seirus HeatTouch Inferno Gloves



Water resistant gloves still not keeping your hands warm? Don’t let it damper your snow session this year and upgrade to the Seirus Inferno Heated Gloves which have an electrical heating system within. Once you feel your hands getting cold, push the on button to get instant heat sent to your hands. There are three different heat settings available and the rechargeable system can last up to six hours on a single charge. A leather exterior makes these not only practical but a stylish investment.

4. Zeal Z3 Live Goggle Polaroid Photochromic



Technology fans who happen to love winter sports are in for a real treat when introduced to the Zeal Z3 Live Goggle. A digital heads-up display behind the lens and a built-in GPS tracking system make these one of the most high tech winter goggles on the market. The Recon Snow2 GPS system tracks speed, altitude, location, distance, run count, and sends those statistics directly to your smartphone. Bluetooth enables text messages, caller ID, and mountain navigation in a heads up display directly in front of your person. In addition to these technical features, the goggles have a photochromic lens which adjusts to the light and eliminates the glare off wet and shiny surfaces such as snow. Zeal is so confident in their product that they even offer a lifetime warranty. Combined with the other gadgets listed above, this winter could easily be your best tech-savvy snow-sport season yet.

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