11 Spring Looks That Aren’t in Style Anymore

All year, the fashion world looks forward to the release of brand name spring/summer collections. While some trends are forever fitting — think flowing fabrics, light colors, and whimsical prints — spring styles are still always changing, and often in unexpected ways. To keep up with what’s in, we’ll first help you determine what’s out. Read on to see which once-popular looks have been permanently banished to the past. If you planned on sporting any of these looks this season, it’s about time you update your wardrobe.

1. Toga dresses

Portrait of a beautiful young woman in yellow dress with spring flowers and white decoration letters

Save it for a theme party. | iStock.com/ZoiaKostina

There’s a time and place for one-shoulder tops and dresses — and that time is not on a gorgeous spring day. Without a doubt, this style should be exclusively reserved for evening wear. Colorful, one-shoulder toga dresses, in particular, have largely gone out of style. So if you feel like throwing on a flowing, pastel version this spring, it’s best to reconsider and go with a dress that’s either strapless or has balanced sleeves.

2. Knit tanks

Lady's garment with applique. Custom made summer clothing.

Knitted tanks look dated and they’re not particularly flattering. | iStock.com/margostockq23

Knit tanks were staple wardrobe pieces in the ’90s. Members of girl bands like The Spice Girls and No Doubt were rarely seen without them. Today, however, even pop stars have moved on from their beloved knit tanks, so it’s time you do, too. On top of the fact that they’ve gone out of style, the chunky knit material is seriously unflattering. We’ll stick with cotton for the time being.

3. Brown leather flip-flops

Spring or summer womens fashion accessories lying on grass

Go for a more stylish sandal. | iStock.com/jodiejohnson

Choosing stylish spring footwear is a challenge for everyone, so allow us to help by permanently crossing one option off your list. Brown leather flip-flops have got to go. In the early 2000s, it was perfectly acceptable to wear leather sandals with a jean miniskirt and halter top (more on those shortly), but they’re painfully outdated at this point.

4. Strapless mini jumpsuit

Salmon jumpsuit shorts with footwear. Girl's apparel on showcase. Brightness, style and quality.

Jumpsuit shorts and wedge sandals | iStock.com/Denisfilm

It’s difficult to remember when strapless mini jumpsuits had their moment, but that era clearly passed pretty quickly. This look can be summed up in just one word: tacky. If you love the ease of wearing jumpsuits during spring, we recommend opting for a full-length version. A strapless jumpsuit can go from unstylish to chic, simply by covering your legs.

5. Mustard trousers

Women s clothes and accessories

Try a fresher hue this season. | iStock.com/bdStudios

Spring is the perfect time to bust out your favorite colored trousers. Light pink, cobalt blue, and red each have their place during this season. That being said, remember that not all pant shades are created equal. Mustard, in particular, is long past its prime. If you own a pair of mustard trousers, put them in the donation bin as soon as possible.

6. Loose crop tops

Young black woman with afro hairstyle smiling in urban park

Young attractive black girl in urban background listening to the music with headphones | iStock.com/javi_indy

We understand wanting to be cool on warmer days, but is it ever truly hot enough in spring to need to bear your entire midriff? Probably not. Crop tops saw their heyday a few years ago, but most of us quickly realized how unnecessarily revealing they are. Unless you’re working out in a short tank or doing yoga in a sports bra, it’s probably best to cover your belly when in public.

7. Chunky waist belts

Portrait of beautiful romantic lady in the flowered garden

Some belts just add too much bulk. | iStock.com/soup__studio

The ’80s were one of the most iconic fashion eras, but there’s one trend from the time we’re relieved has gone out of fashion: chunky waist belts. These bulky accessories completely detract from the dresses they’re fastened around. If you’re still wearing one, we say ditch the belt and find a dress that’s naturally cinched, like a fit-and-flare skater dress.

8. Fringed tops

beautiful girl posing in the city on the street

Fringed tops really only look appropriate at music festivals. | iStock.com/teksomolika

Unless you’re attending a music festival, we need to remind you that fringed tops have completely gone out of style. Though you’ve been dying to get back into lightweight tops since winter ended, this expired trend is a no-go during spring. If you love the look of fringe, we recommend finding a fringed purse. 

9. Costume jewelry 

Stylish accessories. Bag and jewelery. Pastel colors trend.

Costume jewelry looks, well, costumey. | iStock.com/

Of all the seasons, spring used to be the one that called for an accessories overload. Today, by contrast, fashionistas know less is more. Rather than piling on stacks of bangles and and wearing multiple bulky rings, find a single statement piece that can do the work of five lesser accessories. Bear in mind that quality is greater than quantity, and an elegant, high-end bracelet will turn heads more than eight pieces of costume jewelry.  

10. Polka dot nail art

Sunny orange manicure with dots on the women's nails closeup.

This past trend often looks childish. | iStock.com/marigo20

As we’ve said before, spring is our favorite time to experiment with funky nail polish colors. Creams, pastels, and fluorescent polishes all double as excellent outfit accessories, complimenting any spring look you want to sport. However, wild colors are as far as you should take your nail preferences. Polka dot nail art has got to go. If you want a little something extra on your fingertips, add a sparkly layer. 

11. Halter tops

Fashion women clothes.

Halter tops look dated, and they’re kind of flimsy. | iStock.com/margostock

The early ‘2000s was an era of halter tops and bell-bottom jeans. Clearly, we all loved clothing with a flared shape. But fast forward to present day, and you’ll see clothing is now far more sleek and form-fitting. Unless you’re wearing a halter-top bathing suit (still going strong), throw out those tired tops and find a blouse with a straighter silhouette.